She said “Let me guess, your different?” I said, “See, u aint even listenin”. She said, “I’m tired of that line and I’m hip to what u kickin”. I said, “Babe, u still trippin and my point u really missin. This is really me, real rap, this aint just spittin”. She said, “I know da game” I said, […]

Having a heated discussion, we arguing and cussin. Im tryna get my point across but u aint tryna hear nothin. Startin to get frustrated and my octave levels jumpin, not sure what Im tryna say but Im pretty sure its sumthin. Don’t even matter who the victor cuz if we split we both lose so […]

“Your Upgrade” by CSI I’ve become the head of your family and I’ve heard about your antics. All your inconsistencies that left your home-front frantic. How you never came home on time and stopped being romantic. Your EX-wife all alone at night, your side of the bed colder than the Atlantic. I put an emphasis […]

During a stop on the “Life Is Good” tour with Nas,  Lauryn Hill previewed a new song called “Black Rage.”  It’s unclear whether this is…

TV One’s  show, “Verses and  Flow,” which is engineered by Lexus, brings poetry to life, offering viewers a rare chance to see spoken word performances…

At this year’s Urbanworld Film Festival poet, professor and co-founder of the Black Arts Movement Sonia Sanchez screened her documentary Shaking Loose Memories . The film is directed by Jamal Joseph and combines interviews with Sanchez and performances of her poems by Amiri Baraka, T.C Carson and others. TheUrbandaily was given a few minutes with […]

According to his U.K. publisher Jamie Byng (via The Daily Swarm), Gil Scott-Heron, the celebrated poet, musician, and author, died today. He was 62 years old. Scott-Heron’s cause of death remains unknown. The influential poet and musician is often credited with being one of the progenitors of hip-hop, and is best known for the spoken-word […]

Did you really think that Barack was going to keep one of Chicago’s finest out of the building? Contrary to reports that conservative pressure caused the White House to revoke Common’s invitation to celebrate poetry, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. took the stage to perform at the White House’s Celebration of American Poetry. Spotted @ RapRadar […]

Poet Jasmine Mans dedicates a poem to Nicki Minaj at University of Wisconsin’s 2010 Stomp Da Madness poetry event.While some may perceive her words as a diss, I think the young lady sees the influence that Barbie has on her fans and is simply pleading with her to use her powers for good and not […]

Rapper Common and Actress, Rosario Dawson are hosting a new poetry show on HBO. The show premiered last Saturday and is called “Brave New Voices” RELATED STORIES BP Group Spotlight: Underground Poetry Slam on BlackPlanet Group Saves Langston Hughes’ Home From Foreclosure Share this post on Facebook! CLICK HERE: Jay-Z to work on President Obama’s […]