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Flight1Gearing up to travel by air this holiday season? You may have to sacrifice your carry-on space for all those gifts, and you may have to pay extra for baggage–but if you sacrifice a few seconds of your time and pay attention to these tips right here, your traveling experience can be a fit and healthy one after all.

1. ABSolutely Work That Little Seat

All I want for Christmas is a comfy airline seat. However, in the meantime you better believe I’m going to make those awful things “work.” My favorite exercises in flight are “Heel Raising Crunches–” just bring your legs together (knees touching) and raise your heels while squeezing your belly button to your spine. Simple and effective and “Seated Twerking–” sit tall and subtly roll your shoulders back while pressing your knees out to the side. This will relax your shoulders, make your core work and will release tension in your hips. Try to keep it small and controlled though; wouldn’t want that elderly man in seat B thinking you’re trying to push up on him.

2. Free Snack Packs For All

You should know by now that (insert airline here) is only giving you a Dixie cup of your preferred drink for that 4 hour flight. So save that $15.99 you can easily spend on SunChips and pack your own snacks. I always have a meal option–like a turkey sandwich, water, a healthy sweet treat–like almonds and dark chocolate chips and a piece a fruit in my carry-on. Healthy and easy. Plus I would so rather give that $15.99 to iTunes and snag that new Beyoncé album.

3. BYOB: Bring Your Own Blanket

I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure airline pillows and blankets are first cousins with communal mats at the gym…a.k.a nasty. Let’s avoid that airplane cold and bring our own blankets ladies. It doesn’t have to be your Granny’s quilt, just think a lightweight throw or even a thick sarong/shawl. P.S. Neck pillows and eye masks are also totally welcomed. ‘Tis the season to stay healthy falalala…

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