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According to the L.A. County Coroner’s Office Paul Walker died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries sustained from the Nov. 30 car crash and TMZ is reporting there is some speculation about if Paul may have been attempting to escape the car after the impact of the crash or not.

Paul apparently did not die from the impact of the crash alone. He burned to death after the Porsche GT crashed into a tree and a pole and exploded into flames.

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The driver of the Porsche GT, Roger Rodas, died from multiple traumatic injuries suffered upon impact. Burning was not listed as a factor in his death.

The Medical Examiner says both deaths have been ruled as an accident.

Sources in the coroner’s office tell TMZ that both men were positively ID’d by using dental records.

The speculation with Paul Walker’s death is a bit much….but it is being reported that in the video that shows the car in flames, you can see a shadowy figure flailing about. We truly hope that was not the case. The thought is just too much.

However, knowing that Walker did not die on impact and that he did in fact burn alive…sighhh….we guess will  fuel the rumors that he was trying to get out of the car or away from the flames or both before he passed away.

TMZ says there is now a swirl of speculation that the image, seen roughly 23 seconds into the clip is Paul attempting to escape the death trap.

Law enforcement sources who participated in the investigation tell TMZ  that there is strong evidence that Paul and Roger Rodas never got out of their seats, but when pressed they would not conclusively say that Paul didn’t attempt an escape.

TMZ sources say that investigators are confident Roger absolutely didn’t move but they would not definitely say that about Paul.

With these rumors swirling it already feels like Paul Walker is going to be held up as a modern day James Dean. There will probably be conspiracy theories and speculation forever. As with Dean, who was also a heart throb that died young in a car crash, Paul Walker leaves a body of work that correlates with what took him away from us.

In our hearts and minds he will always be young…he will always be gorgeous… he will always be talented and always be a ray of light in an industry that can often be dark and drab. He died after leaving a charity event for his own charity…and by all accounts was what they used to call a really great guy. N o matter what the final outcome was…this is what should be taken away from the situation and not a morbid fixation on how we lost him. Just saying.


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