Ludacris came to visit the Ed Lover & Monie Love fresh off of shooting for “Fast & Furious!” Earlier this year, there were rumors of a vicious rivalry going on between Vin Diesel and The Rock on the “Fast & Furious” set. As with any news of actors bumping heads, we’re not really sure whether […]

Ludacris came to visit the Ed Lover & Monie Love fresh off of shooting for “Fast & Furious!” He discusses how much input he has in the script and other aspects of the film’s storytelling. He explains how he did some extra credit work to bring his character out from his spot behind-the-scenes and into […]

The Fast and Furious franchise is becoming a stalwart in Hollywood cinema.

Today marks two years since actor Paul Walker's tragic death, and his Fast And Furious family is still mourning the untimely loss.

Paul Walker's death is still very difficult for most people to wrap their heads around, including his dad. Two years after the actor's death, his father is suing Porsche for wrongful death.

Porsche's legal team has now responded to 16-year-old Meadow Walker's wrongful death lawsuit.

Talk about a series. Vin Diesel recently hinted on his Facebook page when the Fast and Furious franchise will finally be ending, and if you’re a super fan…

After dominating the box office, the Furious 7 reign is still going, as many are still mourning the loss of the movie’s star, Paul Walker. With…

Despite being in theaters for less than a month, Furious 7 is already one of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time. The…


Courtesy of Universal The trailer to the long awaited 6th sequel of Fast and Furious franchise has officially released and its incredible!  The movie titled, Furious 7 is actor Paul Walker’s official last movie he was filming prior to his untimely death.  The movie features all the original cast Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Dwayne “The […]