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Did Kobe Bryant Get Served With Paternity Papers? (thumbnail)

Courtesy of ESPN Dot Com

Kobe Bryant is still out indefinitely with an Achilles injury, but he made $24 million dollars today.  Your probably asking yourself “why”?  Well, lets break it down.  Kobe Bryant has an annual salary for this season that is supposed to net him $30.5M dollars.  Some players sign contracts that pays them bi-weekly, bi-monthly, but being Kobe Bryant and a few other players gets 80 percent of your salary upfront at the beginning of the regular season due to the collective bargaining agreement.  Black Mamba’s total peaks at the $24M he was given today.  Here is the downside.  He is in a very high tax bracket and the fact that he lives in California……when you take out all the taxes, he will only see roughly $11M.  My goodness!!!  Oh, his salary is guaranteed, but still we now know why Kurtis Blow’s favorite sport is basketball and mine too…applaud that man!