We all struggle when it comes to saving money. While some may struggle more than others, the fact is being financially responsible isn’t always easy when dealing with battling daily spending habits. Money management can even seem like learning a foreign language to those who come from a long history of debt. Related: Best 8 Apps […]

Although Soulja Boy is still in a jail cell, his team is still looking into the $500k burglary of his home. According to sources, his team has looked into the home surveillance tape and there is evidence to show that the burglary was an inside job. Soulja’s crib was robbed of jewelry, his iPhone, and […]

Reports stated that Ariana Grande reportedly got paid $8 million to perform at Coachella, twice as much as Beyonce’s, Beychella check, double what Beyonce got paid for Coachella, but that proved to be false. Apparently both Bey and Ari got an $8 million pay day as they each received $4 million per weekend.

Good thing Travis Scott made a lot of money during his recent Astroworld tour cause he lost a lawsuit for not appearing for an event during last year’s Super Bowl. Entertainment event company PJAM was awarded $382,932.79 due to Travis skipping out on the event, a source says Travis missed the event due to “weather […]

News of Jay-Z creating a $15 million trust fund for the children of Nipsey Hussle has been circulating across social media, and it’s fake news. The headline of the story has been plastered across Twitter and Instagram throughout the night but turns out a random blog created the headline to sell advertising. Even though people […]

Source: Nabil Elderkin/Warner Bros. / Nabil Elderkin/Warner Bros. A night at Top Golf almost turned bad after Lil Pump thought he lost one of his rings valued at $100K. While swinging the clubs in the expensive bling, Pump noticed the ring had flown off. Pump immediately called staff and after a few minutes, they found […]

Music legend Dr. Dre announced on social media that his daughter got accepted into the University of Southern California. The proud dad posted a picture of himself alongside his daughter, Truly Young, who was holding her acceptance letter. His proud dad post wasn’t without a little shade as his caption read “My daughter got accepted […]

Gucci Mane has some serious issues with the mother of his son Sheena Evans. Sheena presently gets $2,076 in support and now is suing Gucci for $20K in child support per month and has even filed a petition to issue a warrant for his arrest. Gucci clapped back by filing his own documents to have […]

Three years after Drake and Future blessed us with What A Time To Be Alive, rumors are floating around about another joint project. Sources say Drake and Future have already finished a follow-up. The two were able to hit the studio together and come up with an entire album worth of material. Drake could be the deciding […]

Kodak Black is the true definition of a Gemini — one day he’s getting arrested, the next day he’s singing gospel and trying to save the world. The rapper was recently put behind bars again last month for violating his probation, but he still managed to find a way to dish out some good energy. Kodak […]

It seems that the issue lies within his bail restrictions. He's not able to perform and therefore, isn't making any money.

Uh oh. According to TMZ, Nelly owes the IRS over $2 million in unpaid taxes. “He’s also got state tax trouble — earlier this year, the Missouri Department of Revenue said the St. Louis rapper owed $149,511 in unpaid state taxes from 2013,” TMZ reports. “He originally owed a mere $113,533 … but interest is a bitch.” […]