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Chicago police officer Gildardo Sierra

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

Chicago police officer Gildardo Sierra, 32, admitted that he drank “multiple beers” before killing Flint Farmer in June, 2011 and has settled a civil lawsuit with Farmer’s estate for an undisclosed amount, reports the Chicago Tribune.

It was Sierra’s second fatal shooting in a 6 month period.

Chicago Tribune reports:

A video of the incident shows Officer Gildardo Sierra firing three shots into Flint Farmer’s back as the Chicago man lay bleeding on a parkway early on June 7, 2011. The incident was the third shooting by Sierra in six months — and the second fatality, records show.


The Police Department ruled the Farmer shooting justified, but Superintendent Garry McCarthy later told the Tribune that he considers the case “a big problem” and that the officer involved should not have been on the street given his history of shootings.

Thursday’s filing by the attorney for Farmer’s estate indicates that Sierra admitted during a psychological evaluation that he drank “multiple beers” before starting the midnight shift on the night Farmer was killed. The psychological report also said that after the incident Sierra “was nervous … about his then-upcoming mandatory alcohol breath test because he might test positive for alcohol,” according to the court filing.

The filing does not say how many beers Sierra purportedly drank or what his blood-alcohol test showed.

Before Farmer’s death, Sierra, a patrol officer in the Englewood district, had wounded a 19-year-old man in a shooting in March 2011 and killed Darius Pinex, 27, in January 2011.

Sierra initially lied about being under the influence of alcohol and the city waiting over 5 hours to test him after the shooting. In an investigative report, “Shielded From the Truth,” the Tribune discovered that this was not an uncommon occurrence in a department that treats these kinds of “incidents” as administrative, not criminal.

Though Sierra was stripped of police duties, he still works in the city’s 311 center, earning an estimated $75,000.

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