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The G.O.O.D Music signee recently chopped it up with Kia Makarechi of The Huffington Post. In the interview he tells Makarechi he wrote his “Mercy” verse in 15 minutes, that singer Maxwell reached out to him about working together, and that he thinks he could beat Mitt Romney in a presidential election. Lol…I like 2 Chainz’s style.

Check out an excerpt below:

According to his Wikipedia page [which has already been changed], 2 Chainz is “widely recognized as Mitt Romeny’s [sic] running mate.” They’re running on a very specific platform: “Once Romney wins the presidential election, 2 Chainz and Romney vowed to make sure that Nicholas [sic] Cage never makes another movie as long as he lives.”

Do you know about this intro on your Wikipedia page, that says your Romney’s running mate? 

[Explodes into laughter] No, man. That’s just people making up some stuff.

If he asked you, would you run with him? Do you have any thoughts on the election?

I think I can beat him — he’s just rich as sh-t, that’s all. I’m running this campaign for the right to vote for felons. That’s my angle in it. I’ve been a felon since I was 15, so when I found out that I could be reinstated and all of that and get my votership back, I’ve been a voice for that. Not only in Atlanta but in other cities … so that people can find out what they need to do to basically become a citizen again.

Are second chances a big theme for you?

Yeah, man. I believe in second chances, for sure.

For the full interview click here.