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lala's full court life Yesterday was the series premiere of “Lala’s Full Court Life”.  Right off the bat, Lala won us over with her bubbly personality and loving family life. The show follows the lives of Lala and her hubby, Carmelo Anthony, as they go through obstacles such as Carmelo being traded to the NY Knicks, Lala and her family moving to New York City, advancing in her career and juggling between being a wife and mother all at the same time, and making it look so easy!

Last night’s episode definitely set the tone for the rest of the season! Here are a few reasons why I will be tuning in to her show each week:

1.  Lala definitely carries herself in such a positive light that it’s impossible not to fall in love with her and her family! Throughout the episode last night, she gave off nothing but positivity! She attended Carmelo’s game with her bffs, Kelly Rowland and Po and they all celebrated the team’s win after the game. It also seems like her and Carmelo have the cutest relationship and they seem to have such down to earth personalities. When you’re watching the episode, it seems like you’ve known them for years!

2. Her son Kiyan is the cutest little boy I’ve probably ever seen! I love watching Lala be a mother to her son during the show! He’s so full of energy and life and he is definitely makes the show more fun to watch!

3. Her fashion sense is killing the game! The shoes Lala wore on last night’s episode were INSANE! I probably will be watching each week just to see what shoes she will be rocking and of course taking detailed notes!

4. Po running naked after bowling was hilarious! Anyone who can have the sense of humor to strip down and run the streets naked deserves to be watched every week!

5. The drama from the trade, Carmelo’s alleged secret baby, and Lala being a NY Knicks “basketball wife” will be interesting to see! We’ve reported on it and read it on the blogs so now it’s Lala’s turn to speak out about it first hand!

How did you like last night’s episode? Will you watch next week’s episode? Watch it with me next week! Tweet me during the show and let me know what you think! –@xoxoSHAR

In case you missed the naked bowling, check out a clip from that scene  below!

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