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Nicki Minaj 911 callI  just got my hands on the 911 call that proves Nicki Minaj was assaulted and confirms that she lied when she said her boyfriend Safaree didn’t lay a hand on her. The incident which occurred July 11 in Texas left Nicki with a busted lip. Nicki took to her twitter page and denied she’d been hit and said if anybody believes a man had laid hands on her and lived to tell about it they were an idiot. Well, Nicki sure is quiet now that the tape has hit the net.

Dallas police today released the 911 call and:

Safaree is heard in the background raging about his luggage. “Give me my luggage. I want my f*cking luggage!” he screams.

Nicki Minaj, screams hysterically: “Look at my face! Look at my face! Look what he did to my face!”

Click on the pic to hear the call and READ THE REST AT TMZ

UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Denies Beatdown, Says “Man Would Have Balls Removed”

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