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jill scott chilliJill Scott and Chilli got into a slight Twitter beef over the topic of open relationships with friend Chilli of TLC! Jill Scott tweeted:

“What do u think about “open” relationships. Been considering.

Many friends are making it work. Not sure if I’m that girl but not sure if I’m not. Sometimes there’s an understanding that nobody else gets

@djknowgud i’m really not saying I’m into it. Just curious and considering. I think it’s cool 4 the guy but when it’s the girls turn..pralum

Chilli replied to Jill saying:

@missjillscott i’m about to call u cuz u can’t b in nobody’s OPEN relationship!! talk about a horrible situation!!! so answer ur phone!!

Miss Chilli has a lot of advice for someone who can’t hold a man…just saying!

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