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Despite what you’ve heard, Black people are the world’s taste makers. We are the ones who say what’s hot or not. Once it becomes popular in our community, mainstream picks it up and runs away with it. Think about it. Big lips weren’t in style until Angelina Jolie had them. You and I both know […]

I know everyone thinks their city is the best dressed, but you may be surprised to find out your city is actually one of the worst dressed in the country. We can go back and fourth about who is the best and worst forever and the results will vary.  GQ released a top 40 list […]

Horrible bosses– the bane of every working man (and woman’s) existence.  Whether they’re loud, obnoxious, or downright lazy, at some point they all inspire  homicidal tendencies in the people unlucky enough to work for them.  With the release of Horrible Bosses this Friday, The Urban Daily lists the worst of the worst offenders in corporate management from the small […]

It’s hard to argue that Prince is one of the most talented and versatile musicians to ever set foot in a recording studio.  Since 1978, he’s released over 30 albums, had dozens of hit singles, a few movies, and sold out concert venues from his hometown of Minneapolis to Japan.

If you walk around the streets of New York and ask who was the best to ever do it in hip hop, you will get all kinds of crazy answer, but the most common answer might be The Notorious B.I.G., who most say is the best dead or alive.  Biggie has only given the world […]

If you’re in the entertainment business, in any fashion, it’s safe to say Quincy Jones has had some influence on you. From creating some of the most memorable music in history to founding one of hip hop’s most loved magazines, Quincy Jones has done it all. WBW: Samples of History: Hip-Hop Mines Afrobeat In celebration […]

50 Cent has been known to be a trouble maker in the music industry and it may be easier to pick his top ten beefs, but it is just as easy to pick 50 Cent’s top 10 songs. After dealing with industry politics and the politics of the streets, 50 Cent found himself along side […]

Now that almost every MC is altering their voice using the latest studio equipment, The Urban Daily is paying tribute to 10 MCs whose real voices are as critical to their success as their lyrics.

Chris Brown is on the way to successfully making a huge comeback. Collaborations with hip hop’s top men like Lil’ Wayne and Busta Ryhmes, an amazing performance on the BET Awards and even reconciling a friendship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna ensures that the young Tappahannock native’s talent will not be wasted. Chris has come a long […]

Kanye West has put out hit after hit since his debut album College Dropout right? It’s almost like the guy can’t put out a bad song if he wanted to (with maybe one exception). So having to pick the top 10 Kanye West songs is not too hard. Check it out below as we rank […]

Lil Kim has been in the rap game for over 10 years now and thanks to her many hit songs some may even crown her queen. She first stepped on the scene as the first lady of The Notorious B.I.G’s Junior Mafia and as what some hip-hop heads would say Biggie’s main b*tch. Lil Kim […]

It’s Valentines Day and you would think that means a time for love, right? Well, for some of yes and some no. Some people are just getting over break-ups or just got dumped for Valentine’s Day. I know we all have our favorite break-up song that we like to compare to our relationships, so I listed ten […]