Athletes make millions of dollars playing their respective sports but we all know they make a chunk of  their change schilling products as pitchmen.  With the football season underway and the basketball pre-season already claiming victims we wanted to take a look at some of the craziest commercials they’ve thrown at us arm-chair quarterbacks.

Tiger Woods is going for another hole-in-1.

"The tape does not exist," Rodriguez says. "This is definitely a scam and I would advise anyone thinking of buying it to not send in your money."

One of Tiger Woods' side-pieces, porn star Devon James, claims to have a sex tape with the golfer and is shopping it to porn company Vivid Video.

After months of remaining silent, Elin Nordegren's team contacted PEOPLE magazine for a one-time interview so the now ex-wife of troubled golfer Tiger Woods could finally tell her side of the story.

At first she wanted to stay, but eventually, Elin knew she had to get out of the Woods.

Great news for golf groupies everywhere: Tiger Woods is officially divorced! But who got what?

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are now divorced.

Athletes are good at a lot of things. Running, jumping, swimming, dribbling, passing, dunking… but the one area where they don’t particularly excel? Staying out of trouble.

*One of Tiger Woods’ mistresses is now claiming that he fathered her secret love child. Porn star and escort Devon James tells that the golfer is the father of her son, who was born in early 2001, before Woods and Elin Nordegren were married. A source said James told him he was the father […]

Watch the Tiger Woods public statement. Will he admit to his affairs? Will Elin be staying or calling it quits?