puff daddy

P. Diddy is giving the fans what they want, Puff Daddy-style.

Children cost money, but celebrity children, they cost a lot of commas.

With Puffy's new project out and available for download, the music mogul shares a 14-minute black and white documentary chronicling the making of MMM.

As people continue to digest "MMM," Puff Daddy has released a video for “Workin.”

Puff Daddy has been releasing parts of his documentary, and now we're on chapter 4 of the series.

How can you not love Puff Daddy? The man invented the remix, for heaven’s sake. Over the years, we’ve called the Bad Boy Records mogul Puffy,…

Diddy’s finna get loose. The Bad Boy mogul has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few weeks. From getting arrested for assaulting…

  Boom Moment In Hip-Hop (1997) It’s been one chaotic week to say the least for Diddy. After his run in with his son’s football coach, to the BadBoy Reunion show at the BET Awards, and plumiting off stage during that same performance, Diddy is ready for this week to end. There is some good […]