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You would think that it was Pippa Middleton – not her sister Kate – who walked down the aisle with Prince William this summer judging from the way the media has honed in on her. But what’s even odder than the supplanting of her in the tabloids instead of her future queen sister is the […]

UPDATE: Health insurance companies will now be required to provide women free birth control, in keeping with the new Obama administration guidelines. The new guidelines, which the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) labeled “historic,” will require new health insurance plans to include women’s preventive services including FDA approved contraceptives, breast feeding support, and […]

If your not following Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and weren’t on Twitter last night, you missed some serious buffoonery. Tiny’s Twitter account was hacked, and this wasn’t just any old hacker. This person went OFF, dissing Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, Rihanna and even pulled President Obama and the White House into the mix. WTF!? […]

President Barack Obama and our First Lady Michelle Obama visited Tuscaloosa, Alabama recently after the devastating tornado ripped through the state last week. According to the New York Post, President Obama stood there in amazement at the damages in the city, shaking his head stating, “I’ve never seen devastation like this, it is heartbreaking.” The […]

Some have chalked up Donald Trump’s seemingly endless attacks on President Barack Obama as pure hate, while others believe it’s just Trump’s love of the media that’s making him do it. But Star & Buc Wild have the top 5 reasons why Trump doesn’t like President Obama. Here they are! RELATED: Tracy Morgan: “Donald Trump […]

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A campaign to promote new businesses and create jobs, bringing together government agencies and businesses such as Intel and IBM, was launched Monday by the Obama administration. The Startup America Partnership aims to support overall entrepreneurship — with a focus on high-growth, job-creating industries such as clean energy, medicine, advanced manufacturing […]

Yes! It's about time our President showed some anger!!

Al Sharpton speaks out in support of President Obama's initiatives for all Americans, while other prominent black figures challenge the President. Read clips from The Wall Street Journal's article labeling Mr. Sharpton as Obama's New Partner.

Although President Obama has been very hush about his spirituality since that incident during the election, his advisers say that it is still very influential in his everyday tasks. See what they have to say here.

See what President Obama and The First Lady did to celebrate the late great Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

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