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Having a heated discussion, we arguing and cussin. Im tryna get my point across but u aint tryna hear nothin. Startin to get frustrated and my octave levels jumpin, not sure what Im tryna say but Im pretty sure its sumthin. Don’t even matter who the victor cuz if we split we both lose so after hours of disagreement we both sittin there confused. I choose to leave ya sight while u callin me all night. We textin back and forth just to prolong the fight. Im aight, im cool, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I feel like you closing ya eyes to ur own mess-ups like they wasn’t meant to see. I myself have caused some issues cuz I was tryna be a jerk, but that’s only cuz u kept complainin and letting it be known that u was irked. Routines all outta wack cuz this dispute is taking over. Im gradually getting stressed and all this weight is on my shoulders. The fact that I’m getting older is makin me more upset, cuz at my age I’ve created standards and don’t tolerate disrespect. Beefin for a day or two, barely talkin on the phone. U in ya crib miserable and Im zoning out all alone. Pride wont let me logically access the situation that’s at hand, so I keep tellin myself, “She trippin, Im a grown ass man!” Finally I say, “F**k it, Im goin be the bigger person” cuz she got me out my character wit all this gosh darn cursin. Im workin on a way to alleviate the stress but you still in defense mode tryna get stuff off ya chest. Atlast, we meet face to face and barely discuss the lil spat cuz we both truthfully missed each other but don’t wanna admit the crap. Chillin in the bedroom, still displayin a problem thru our demeanors, we carrying on like we freshmen but our I.D.’s prove that we seniors. I slide on my ball shorts, u slip on t-shirt & panties. We from the hood so this is our official version of our jammies. Layin side by side and the tension getting thick. You purposely turn ya back to me but it only makes me brick. I smell ya freshly showered body and my mind goes on a trip to those memories of our sexual adventures and now I need a fix. You ask me to taste you and I honestly cant wait to. In some odd way, if it makes sense I really love to hate you. Im too horny to bait you so I just dive in like first mates do and show u how much I missed you since the last time I ate you. Grabbin on ya waist to get a better angle on my entrée, Im dangerously in love with ya body and you’re resembling my Beyonce. U lookin fierce in ya b-day suit and my aniticipation steadily builds as I prepare to enter a naughty girl and ensure that my destiny’s fulfilled. Im skilled like a decorated soldier and plan to make it stream right. I know just how you like it in ya kitty kat so you give me the green light. Moving with aggression using hostility as a weapon, Im fueled with an unusual passion and each stroke keeps you guessin. Emotions pourin out as we utter our thoughts and humorously think to ourselves that we’re glad that we fought. Making up is well worth it when the sex is so awesome, plus the ideal of losing a compatible partner helps you exercise caution. Hours go by and the issues no longer a hassle. After a great climax we return to King and Queen of our castle. We still gotta talk out the specifics of our truce but that can wait cuz drowsiness got me bout to chuck a deuce! Love you boo!

By: @CSI_GotGame