Three years after Drake and Future blessed us with What A Time To Be Alive, rumors are floating around about another joint project. Sources say Drake and Future have already finished a follow-up. The two were able to hit the studio together and come up with an entire album worth of material. Drake could be the deciding […]

Drake has been altering the landscape of music since his first major release of Come Back Season. From production, to hooks, to the way rappers flow, can all be credited to Drake in many instances whether you like it or not. Here are 10 phrases that when you hear someone say out loud, your mind […]

Kanye West made a special appearance on the last night of the OVO Fest in Toronto on Monday and may have revealed big news about himself and Drake. While performing, Ye’ asked the audience, “Toronto, I got one question for you, Is y’all ready for this album?” As the audience yelled and chanted his name, Kanye continued, “Now, I’m […]

Joe Budden caught some trespassers trying to run up on him at his house, after he’d already seen the tweets about their plan beforehand. He ran them down and scared them straight when they thought they were big and bad. “This is not the internet,” Joe says to the panicking teenagers before explaining that he […]

Drake sure knows how to celebrate. He’s been running the rap game since So Far Gone‘s release in 2009, and Drizzy’s finally got his first No.…

Come on Drake! I thought you and Breezy squashed this beef?! Why do you need to keep bringing up the Rihanna issue? Watch below to see what Drake says in reference to Chris Brown, in regards to Rihanna.

Really NBA?! “We talkin bout a shout out, not a game, but a shout out!” Reigning MVP and current Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant was in Toronto attending Drake’s OVO fest. No harm in doing that right?! Well according to the NBA, since Drake is the ambassador for The Toronto Raptors he cannot “recruit”. […]

I LOVE THIS!! Drake shows love to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar during OVO concert… dope!

  Everyone knows that Skylar Diggins is BAD right?! Drake thinks shes so bad that he posted pics of Skylar with captions that read, “Amen” and “SkylarSZN”. Well her boyfriend didn’t take too kindly to that and posted the above picture & tagged Drake in it. I’m all about proving your love to your lady but dude […]

Mr. Ovo himself is Hosting & performing on SNL this weekend! Check out his promo below! Hilarious!

Drake gave 2 lucky fans 2 pairs of his exclusive unreleased OVO Air Jordans over the weekend in Toronto and guess where they ended up???? EBAY! One of the female fans decided to auction off the size 11 sneakers. Apparently, starting the bid at $300… hmmm… I wonder how much she will get for them?! […]

Fresh off of “OVO Night” in Toronto, Drake has decided to honor Former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter by having his Jersey lined in the inside of his suit jacket. I can’t even lie, I like it! It’s definitely different! But we wouldn’t expect anything less from “Wheelchair Jimmy”  now would we?!