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Drake has been altering the landscape of music since his first major release of Come Back Season. From production, to hooks, to the way rappers flow, can all be credited to Drake in many instances whether you like it or not.

Here are 10 phrases that when you hear someone say out loud, your mind goes to a different place then the original meaning, and this is all because of Drizzy.


YOLO – (You Only Live Once) – The Motto Ft. Lil Wayne

You could not get away from this catch phrase for almost a year straight, from hashtags, tweets, photo captions, graffiti art, and t-shirts, the word “YOLO was inescapable in the youth culture. The phrase was originally credited to Mae West, but ask anyone in today’s society where that moniker came from, Drake would receive credit.



“0-100…Real Quick, Real ****** Quick”

When you heard someone say “0-100”, before this song, you would of thought they were talking about the latest fast car’s top speed, but Drake changed that forever. Listen to the track “Real Quick” below.


WOE – Working On Excellence – “No Tellin”

Drake was riding through the city with who? With his WOE’S, which is defined as “working on excellence.” Another Drake-ism that the kids can’t stop using. Thanks Aubrey.


“No New Friends” – DJ Khaled, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross

In an era of social media where everyone is obsessed with growing their social media platforms and gaining “new friends,” Drake had everyone yelling, “No New Friends, No, No, No”. Drake makes it clear he stays loyal to those who have been with him since the beginning.

“HYFR” – (Hell Yeah F**** Right) Featuring Lil Wayne

Again, Drizzy comes up with an acronym that sweeps the country. Weezy and Drake go back and forth, “Drizzy talks about ex-girls and lessons learned from Tupac songs, while Weezy turns in an inspired cameo talking about…um… “Wayne stuff”,” says HYFR, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

“Best I Ever Had”

Most of y’all were introduced to Drake from his break-out single from his “So Far Gone” project. Drake had guys and girls alike hash tagging and screaming out that their significant other was “The Best They Ever Had,” and most likely a few weeks later they broke up, but still, Drake forever has changed the meaning of “Best I Ever Had” for everyone’s future relationships.


“Started From The Bottom” … “Now We Here”

If anyone blurts out the phrase “Started From The Bottom,” your first reaction is now “and now we here!” Drake delivered another smash single on before his highly anticipated third studio album, and one of his biggest selling solo singles to date. Like his other song “No New Friends,” Drake makes it clear he’s been staying loyal and grinding to make it to the top for years now, and feels he has finally arrived, which is why cameos from some of his oldest friends make it into the video.

“Got the club going up… on a Tuesday” – ILoveMakonnen Ft Drake

The power of social media prevails once again. Just hours after showing some love on IG, Drake changed ILoveMakonnen’s life and the way club goers look at Tuesday nights forever. “Got the club going up, on a Tuesday!”

“I’m On One” – DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne

DJ Khaled enlists the usuals for his summer time smash. This song just had people not giving a bleep and their excuse being, because “I’m On One” all year long.

All I care about is money an’ the city that I’m from, 
I’mma sip until I feel it, I’mma smoke it ’til it’s done
, And I don’t really give a f***, and my excuse is that I’m young, 
And I’m only getting older, somebody shoulda told ya
I’m on one, yeah, f*** it I’m on one
Yeah, I said “I’m on one”, f*** it I’m on one.”

You Fancy, Huh? – “Fancy” Drake Ft Swizz Beats and T.I.

An ode to independent, self-respecting women with class, looks, and their own bank accounts. Drake had girls getting ready for hours before going out listening this song, and had guys responding to females like, “You fancy, huh?” Another summer smash hit for Drake in his early years that swept the club scene just like he has been doing for the past few years.


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