From I can’t even take credit for this one. That walking hip-hop encyclopedia  Dart Adamsover Blogger House put Kanye’s latest leak “Lord, Lord Lord” on blast for being more than a little similar to Nas’s “Find Ya Wealth.”

Nas fans everywhere leaped for joy when the Queens, NY rapper announced on Twitter the forthcoming release of The Lost Tapes: Volume 2.

With the recent announcement that Bun B’s brand new album, Trill O.G. received a perfect 5-Mic rating from The Source, it’s only fitting that we take a look at all of the albums that have received the coveted rating.

“Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams plays a mechanic who works his way into Estelle’s heart.

In an interview with BBC Radio’s Tim Westwood, Nas waxed poetic on his failed marriage to Kelis.

It goes without saying that Kanye West, who celebrated a birthday yesterday, is one of hip-hop’s greatest producers.