One thing MC Hammer can't escape: money problems.

Help us in wishing MC Hammer a happy 53rd Birthday. M.C. Hammer, is an American rapper, dancer, entrepreneur, spokesman and occasional actor. He had his greatest commercial success and popularity from the late 1980s until the late 1990s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MC HAMMER!

Life is a cycle. We go through pain to become more appreciative of the joy in our lives. Nobody understands that concept more than Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins. She has experienced her fair share of pain in the last few years. She’s had to contend with the swine flu, a brain tumor, and an ongoing bout with Sickle Cell […]

Is there anything that pop icon MC Hammer hasn’t done? So far he went from being a rapper who could dance, then went into acting, became the main character of  his own television series,  launched his own publishing company, and opened his own horse stable. Now, he is launching his own search engine called WireDoo. Hammer wants his […]

MC Hammer stopped by the movies to check out the upcoming movie Thor, and the rapping Hammer reviewed film about the owner of the Golden Hammer.

(ED NOTE: originally published on November 2, 2010) Yesterday premiered MC Hammer’s new Jay-Z dis, “Better Run Run.”  With today being  Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s birthday, we reached out to one of Hova’s biggest critics who is currently serving three years in prison to ask him how he felt about the video**. Words Wilfrid Decossard **We […]

After prison bids, owing taxes is slowly becoming the new rite of passage of rappers. Beef between rappers is beginning to pale in comparison to their battles with Uncle Sam. MC Hammer got the ball rolling with his $30 Million bill to the IRS (that later led to a one-sided beef with Jay-Z) and now […]

Last week DJ Semtex leaked a portion of his interview with Jay-Z where he pretty much shrugged off MC Hammer’s “Better Run Run” diss record and video. He’s continued his overseas tour promoting his book, Decoded, with BBC’s Tim Westwood.

MC Hammer dissed Jay-Z again on Real Rap Radio.

I think MC Hammer truly bumped his head when he decided to make a Jay-Z diss record!! But then again maybe he was creating a comeback marketing plan! Either way Jay-Z shared his thoughts on the song in a recent interview. Take a listen to see with King Hov had to say!