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Last week DJ Semtex leaked a portion of his interview with Jay-Z where he pretty much shrugged off MC Hammer’s “Better Run Run” diss record and video. He’s continued his overseas tour promoting his book, Decoded, with BBC’s Tim Westwood.


Young H.O. doesn’t shy away from the Illuminati rumors and the conflict with Hammer. He jokingly says he’s hiding out overseas til the whole thing blows over. He also laughs off the Beyonce pregnancy rumors but says that Willow Smith is going to be a monster by the time she’s 18.  

The most interesting part of the interview is where Jay-Z talks about being an independent artist and how the major labels have treated artists like Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo. Warning, he says the phrase “new world” at the 15:54 mark so cover your ears or Skynet will send the robots to take over your mind. Oh, wait…too late.

[Salute to PDS and NR.]


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