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(ED NOTE: originally published on November 2, 2010)

Yesterday premiered MC Hammer’s new Jay-Z dis, “Better Run Run.”  With today being  Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s birthday, we reached out to one of Hova’s biggest critics who is currently serving three years in prison to ask him how he felt about the video**.

Words Wilfrid Decossard


**We really didn’t. This is a joke, but some of ya’ll don’t get when we’re playin…

TUD: Start us off with the intro of the video. What is your first impression?

Prodigy:  This man starts the video, knowI’msayin, in Denver? Like, what? I ain’t saying nothing about Denver, but people be forgetting that it’s a state, for real. I mean, Queens, if you from Queens, you feel me? That’s how you diss the man Jay.

TUD: Denver is a city in Colorado. It’s even clear in the video.

Prodigy: I don’t even watch South Park. And what’s good with homie with the glasses on his neck? The video wasn’t even 3D. I’ll smack Jay-Z in 3D.


TUD: 3D?

Prodigy: That’s what I’m saying, 3 Ds…dun dun dun! Throw a TV at him crazy.  Hammer got five white people in his office room and I’m, know I’m sayin, embarrassed for Hip Hop. Jay-Z ain’t from Queens, he could get robbed in my ‘jects you know dun dunny?

TUD: Alright.


Prodigy: And you can’t be dancing in a diss track you know? And what’s up with the fake ass Ed Hardy shirts? Alchemist Clothing? I know the REAL Alchemist. He’d never wear no shit like that…on purpose. And how did Lil Wayne get paroled early to dance in this video? That’s that bullsh*t.

TUD: What?

Prodigy: Dun dun…Infamous! MC Hammer was dancing in a diss video. That’s that homo thug. H to the OMO. That Roc-a-fella, kissing men on the lips sh*t. No way you’ll catch the Infamous doing that.

TUD: What do you think of MC Hammer implying that Jay sold his soul to the Devil?


Prodigy: Hundred dollar billers! youknowI’msayin, I set it off on Jay. You can run but you can’t hide forever. Black Mob Gangsters. I seen the devil, you feel me? I been around the world. I been to Hempstead, New York, and I been to Detroit for like two years when I was ten. My daddy had kidnapped me, true sh*t.

TUD: What about Hammer Baptizing Jay-Z in the end? Wast that a good look?


Prodigy: He feel a burning sensation…getting closer to God in a tight situation. I’dda held him under tho’. Baptize him with the steel.

TUD: Ok. Anything you would do differently in a Jay-Z diss?

Prodigy: I’m from Queens. This is true Hip Hop. I ain’t gotta make a move on Jay. We eat souls dun. I’ll take Beyonce from him, I just show her the Magnum. No condoms, just guns. Queens. All day. Every day. All blue all red. Shout out to 50 Tyson.



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