I know I should not be a judgmental person but I always felt that Lebron James' babies' momma was doing too much to be just a "girlfriend."

In the September issue of GQ, LeBron James puts on his very own fall wardrobe favorites. And he doesn't look bad doing so.

LeBron James hasn’t played one game for the Miami Heat but he won’t rule out playing for his old team the Cavaliers one day.

LeBron James and his family hung out at Cedar Point amusement park yesterday and did not get a warm reception.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one…In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Cleveland’s #1 enemy LeBron James referred to his girlfriend and mother of his two children as his sidekick. Here’s what he told the mag:

Jay-Z may have added one more thing to his list of 99 problems. According to a source at Mediatakeout.com, Hova is one of the many people not pleased with how LeBron handled his free agency.

LeBron wasted no time finding a new home in Florida after the announcement that he will be joining The Heat next season.

Being in Rikers Island isn’t keeping Weezy away from sports, as the incarcerated rapper recently weighed in on Lebron James’ move to the Miami Heat on his blog.

Ricky Rozay reacts to Lebron coming to the Miami Heat.

Penny Hardway is putting his bid in to down with The Heat

While visiting his youth basketball camp, legendary NBA baller Michael Jordan was asked the million dollar question:  Lebron or Kobe?

ESPN put new teammates Chrish Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in the hot seat and asked them how they planned to share the ball on one Miami Heat squad.