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Well it Lil Wayne has just spilled the beans on the release date for his Carter V album. Well kind of, not really. Um we think so lol. I don’t even think he knows! You try to figure it out!

Joel Embiid THAT JUST HAPPENED! The Philadelphia 76ers were hoping to land Andrew Wiggins but instead got Joel Embiid. A lot of fans were skeptical of Embiid because he is recovering from foot surgery. But when he is healthy, he has been compared to Hakeem Olajuwon. Nice! So we just have to wait and see what […]

Suzann just released her new single “Just Wanna Live” on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/just-wanna-live-single/id878903209 as well as the official video! Check out the video below from one of Philly’s hottest songstress! @SuzannChristine  #SuDat

  Looks like Meek Mill just got a champagne shower courtesy of Dj Khaled. It happened during the video shoot for “They Don’t Love You No More” and it looks like it was an accident. But Meek immediately walked off after it happened. Should he be mad or nah?!

Jimmy continues with the games! Lol. This time he enlisted the help of New York Knicks player Amare Stoudemire to pull a prank on former NBA player Metta World Peace. Watch the hilarious video below!

Well Regional Rail workers for SEPTA went on strike today and Somehow President Barack Obama got involved! Governor Tom Corbett asked Obama to get involved with talks between both sides & Obama has appointed an emergency board for contract talks between SEPTA and the union workers! This means employees have to return back to work! Wow! For more […]

Comedian Dave Chappelle was on the David Letterman Show & talked about what happened with him, Comedy Central, and $50 million d

Actor Jim Carrey recently gave a very inspiring commencement speech at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. He says that he was inspired by his late father. Watch the video below.

After 20 years Lloyd & Harry are back! Yeah I just counted too, The first one came out in 1994! I definitely have to go see this one! Watch the hilarious trailer below.  

The NBA Finals are getting crazy! After the show the San Antonio Spurs put on against The Miami Heat on Tuesday night,one might say they’ll win the series! Not Lil Wayne though. He sat down with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless and gave his NBA Finals prediction.

Paul Arnold Kirleis, called police to report a suspicious car. A police officer called Kirleis back via cellphone issued to him by the police department. After the issue was resolved, the police officer started getting text messages from Kirleis. Allegedly, here is what was sent to the officer, According to UPI: [He] allegedly texted the officer “Who is this?” […]

All my Playstation 4, Xbox One, & PC gamers are you ready for GTA 5?! I’m extra hype for this to come out this fall! Rockstar released the first trailer today. Check it out below!