Ghost has always been known as the Wu Tang Clan member with the most bravado and humor, and the best part is that he's being 100 percent himself.

It's been years since Drake and Nardwuar have done an interview together, but the two Canadians linked up in Toronto just days after Drizzy's VIEWS album hit store shelves.

Prince was basically exploding with talent. But did you know his expertise went beyond music and fashion?

Didn't think Snapchat could get any better, but with DMX now on board, it may be the greatest social media platform on earth.

It's no secret that Steph Curry is good friends with Drake, so when the Canadian superstar rapped about the Golden State Warriors practicing at his house, no one thought twice about its validity.

In a lighthearted PSA, Jennifer Lopez does a dramatic reading of Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1991 classic, "Baby Got Back."

LeBron James traded in his Cavs jersey for an apron. Well, at least for a day.

Monie Love is enjoying a bottle of Ginseng Up when Ed Lover questions why she even needs ginseng in the first place. Her answer has the whole…

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