So according to Female First, Rihanna & Chris Brown will go public with their reconciled relationship in November! Who didn’t see this one coming a mile away?! Also a reliable source says  “Rihanna is tied up & busy with the album, but she makes time for Chris late nights! I wonder how this is going to […]

  So instead of having a HUGE, EXTRAVAGANT, EXPENSIVE Wedding, Kim simply wants to elope somewhere on a private island! She was only married to her husband Kris Humphries for 72 days! Technically she is still married to him because the divorce has not been finalized! Kim can be quoted as saying ”It’s so nice […]

According to RapRadar.com, the “optic EP” will include both audio and visual material recorded at tonight’s final concert of Jay-Z’s eight-night run at the new Brooklyn stadium. The EP is currently available for pre-order on iTunes. While the track listing on the pre-order site is blank, it indicates that the album will include eight tracks […]

The 24 year old singer is reportedly angry that her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has a new tattoo on his neck, which resembles her picture after he beat her  back in 2009! “He must’ve known what people would think. But that’s typical of Chris he never thinks about anyone but himself,” a source told British magazine Look. […]

At a fundrasiser held by Jay-z & Beyonce for President Barack Obama, The POTUS took a picture & well see for yourself below! To quote Jay-z “How Cool Is He?”

            Music artist Trey Songz had been talking about him starring in the horror movie reboot of the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre for some time now, but it seemed like it was never going to happen.  Well, the wait is over and finally Trey makes his movie debut with the horror movie cult classic, Texas Chainsaw […]

We all have those days when you’re dying to get out of the office, and you’re counting down the seconds until you can go home. You’re trying to hatch a plan to leave early, but it’s only 11am on a monday morning, your boss can see you from his office and it’s really really cold […]

What do you do when you think your spouse wants to leave you, your job doesn’t understand you and the bottle calls you? Do you just give up or do you make everyone else pay?