Offset and Cardi B returned to the scene of the crime. Remember when Offset popped up on stage in an attempt to get Cardi back last December at Rolling Loud in LA? Well he popped up in Miami at Rolling Loud (not on stage tho) to surprise Cardi for Mother’s Day. He brought their daughter […]

Bill Kapri also known as rapper “Kodak Black” was arrested Saturday night. He was taken in by U.S. Marshalls just before he was to hit the stage at the Rolling Loud Music Festival at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The 21 year old will appear in Miami federal court on Monday. He was arrested […]

Well, Black Twitter is officially 2-0 this year. First the classic reactions to Yahoo’s major social media debacle, which helped kick things off in 2017.  Now, if you missed the Golden Globes last night, you may be asking yourself, why is #HiddenFences trending right now, did they win an award, aren’t they two separate movies? Related: 2017 Golden […]

It’s no secret that rap and hip-hop music can be filled with gun-touting and anti-police lyrics which often can lead to and entice its listeners to participate in violent crimes. However, appearing on The Trevor Noah Show on Comedy Central, rapper T.I. was hit with an impactful question regarding violence in rap lyrics, and responded in […]

My Hip-Hop education has been more valuable in many ways than my formal education. And here are 10 reasons why...

From the days of Run DMC’s Adidas to Biggie and his signature silk Versace shirts and shades, the worlds of Hip Hop and fashion have…

I have put together the latest smooth reggae tunes for all my reggae lovers out there! Real smooth & mellow for times to just relax & great for background music to set the mood! Look out for the dancehall reggae mixtape droppin real soon! Enjoy & make sure you hit me up on twitter @dj_caesar […]