We’re sure you’ve probably hard of bumper cars growing up as a kid, but have you heard of bumper tables? Related: 6 Philly Mexican Restaurants that Offers Carside Pick-up on Cinco De Mayo Well, one Maryland restaurant has coined the term, with its latest creation allowing customers to dine in while still practicing social distance laws. […]

It’s been nearly 30 days since the coronavirus outbreak caused a nationwide shutdown closing all non-essential businesses and schools- including beauty salons everywhere. While these measures should be taken to ensure the safety of our country, we think state officials forgot how essential hair and nails could be for a woman! Not to worry though, […]

Families in Philadelphia have been faced with major financial hardship since many people have been left unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Related: April: Philadelphia Has Over 7,000 Cases Of COVID-19 With more than over 406,000 people filing for unemployment benefits in Pennslyvania, the city of Philadelphia has stepped up to help families in need by […]

Meek Mill is no stranger to giving back to the community, and it looks like the rapper has done it yet again! Related: Meek Mill’s Uncle Is In Critical Condition From COVID-19 This time the Dreams and Nightmare rapper is making sure inmates and staff are staying safe amid this coronavirus outbreak.  Recently, Meek Mill teamed […]

Related: Meek Mill Helps Slain Teen’s Mom Push for ‘Respect’ Between Cops and Citizens If you haven’t already gotten the memo to stay at home, it could cost you! Related: Meek Mill Helps Slain Teen’s Mom Push for ‘Respect’ Between Cops and Citizens Cops in Philadelphia can now issue citations to those violating social distancing guidelines. On Tuesday, City […]

It has been nearly three weeks since Gov. wolf ordered all of Pennsylvania to stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak, making social distancing the new normal for everyone. With residents only being able to leave home for groceries or medical care, it has left many Aries people wondering how to celebrate their birthday this […]