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Source: Zoya / Zoya Instagram

It’s been nearly 30 days since the coronavirus outbreak caused a nationwide shutdown closing all non-essential businesses and schools- including beauty salons everywhere.
While these measures should be taken to ensure the safety of our country, we think state officials forgot how essential hair and nails could be for a woman! Not to worry though, we have the perfect substitute that would satisfy your salon fix!
Press-on nails are a cheap and affordable way to have your nails looking salon ready during this quarantine and, the best part about it is that you won’t even have to leave the house to get them done! Here are 6 press-on nail companies that have turned the 90’s fashion faux pax into the latest beauty trend.

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1. The Nailest

2. Très She

3. Nailed By Cristy

4. The Nail Shop

5. Static Nails

6. Pop Off Nails