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We’re sure you’ve probably hard of bumper cars growing up as a kid, but have you heard of bumper tables?

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Well, one Maryland restaurant has coined the term, with its latest creation allowing customers to dine in while still practicing social distance laws.

Fish Tales restaurant plans to seat guests using their 6-foot-wide tables that prevent customers from getting too close to one another while socializing. 

Designed by Revolution Events, the tables are placed on wheels and features a giant inner tube that collides like bumper cards when two meets. 

Shawn Harman, the owner of Fish Tales, said he and his wife have purchased 10 bumper tables from the company, and plan to add them as an addition to their outdoor dining experience. 

The couple is sure that the tables will be a hit and has already looked into buying 40 more.

Maryland is one of the states that has already begun to open. However, restaurants and bars are still only open for takeout and delivery.

Fish Tales says that when things finally reopen, they’ll be ready to bounce back with their new bumper tables. 

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