Evanston, Illinois becomes the first city in America to approve of reparations for the black residents of the city. According to CBS News, Evanston will be offering $400,000, up to $25,000 to at least 16 residents who have suffered from generational discrimination. CNN says the money is allotted to those who were descendants of Evanston […]

Chicago’s mayor and police superintendent are not happy about Tuesday’s surprise decision to drop all charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was reportedly ‘furious’ with the news, which he allegedly learned about only when the news went public. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel lashed out as well, declaring it a “whitewash of […]

Chance The Rapper has always been the type to give back to his community, whether it’s motivational or donating to the his hometown Chicago. This year’s BET Humanitarian Award winner recently donated his Grammy award to a Chicago museum, has been involved with major political movements and attempted to save Soundcloud. The Chicago Sun Times […]


Chance the Rapper announces the launch of the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund for Chicago public schools.

Quanna Brown, a mother of three, says she was in severe pain after the surgery as puss and infection began to settle in.

The Grammy award-winning Chicago-bred rapper's claim to fame, has always been not being signed to a major label.

Armani Crews decided that the best gift to receive was the feeling of giving back to others.

Barack Obama returned to his adopted hometown of Chicago for the first time as ex-president on Wednesday, mapping plans and raising money for his Obama Presidential Center.

The Chicago rapper responded to a Trump tweet posted back in January.

May the Chicago legend rest in peace.

Donda's House co-founder and rapper, Rhymefest made a huge announcement this week regarding the foundation.

Chicago's hometown hero, Chance The Rapper, led thousands to an early voting site on Monday evening after his "Parade To The Polls" concert.