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Evanston, Illinois becomes the first city in America to approve of reparations for the black residents of the city.

According to CBS News, Evanston will be offering $400,000, up to $25,000 to at least 16 residents who have suffered from generational discrimination.

CNN says the money is allotted to those who were descendants of Evanston resident who lived there between 1919 and 1969. Or were have experienced housing discrimination after 1969.

The city is granting funds to either purchase piece of property or make reparations to their current homes.

Location: Dallas, TX Description: Facade of home.

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This action is to reverse the curse of redlining. An illegal discriminatory tactic in which the government draws lines around areas and denies them goods and services such as mortgage loans and insurance providers based on the color of their skin. Although this crime was outlawed in 1968, the effects of redlining are still being felt in this present day.

This will also allow Black Americans to build wealth through homeownership, as only 44% of Black Americans own their homes. A roughdrop off compared to their counterparts, in which, nearly 75% of White Americans own their homes.

This is first round of reparations apart of a $10 Million dollar plan funded by recreational cannabis taxes. Hopefully this will encourage the rest of the nation to follow suit.

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