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Chance The Rapper has always been the type to give back to his community, whether it’s motivational or donating to the his hometown Chicago.

This year’s BET Humanitarian Award winner recently donated his Grammy award to a Chicago museum, has been involved with major political movements and attempted to save Soundcloud.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that the Grammy winner recently rode through Chicago’s Bud Bilikin parade, which is essentially held to welcome children back to school for the new year. While sitting on top of white convertible, Chance and his team handed out some backpacks to children who watched from the parade sidelines.


Chance handed out over thirty-thousand backpacks throughout the day. One parent stated, “It means a lot to the kids, those who can’t receive things for going back to school, it helps them out a lot.”

Chance has been doing positive things to help the Chicago Public Schools and also donated one million dollars to the schools.

After the parade, Chance capped things off with a free concert.