Andre Iguodala

The NBA imposed the fine Monday after using the n-word in an interview on Friday.

The Warriors may be undefeated, but Iguodala just took a giant L.

We’re not all basketball fans. Not all of us can appreciate the beauty of a 3 point shot, or can even explain the difference between a…


It looks like Q Deezy has finally gotten his wish. It is being reported that Andre Iguodala Shooting Guard/Small Forward for the Philadelphia 76ers has been traded to the Denver Nuggets as a part of a 4 team trade that would also send Dwight Howard to the Lakers. The 76ers will receive Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson as apart […]

You come to because we do things a little different, a little smoother, with a little more swag, so vibe with us right now and let’s think back to that amazing feeling from the Sixers game 6 win over the number 1 seed Chicago Bulls to advance to the second round of the NBA […]

Fans always hear from athletes and some sports enthusiast that the preseason doesn’t mean anything. That may be true only when speaking in terms of wins and losses but in relation to what you can expect to see once the season starts, it does matter. With just three days remaining until the start of the […]

Heartbroken, upset, confused are some of the words that come to mind as I reflect on how it felt when the news came years ago that Allen Iverson had been traded to the Denver Nuggets. Like many of our outstanding athletes, at some point we strip away the emotional support and start viewing the player […]

The NBA Slam Dunk Competition has always been the most anticipated event of NBA All-Star Weekend. At around 10pm on a Saturday night in mid-February stars from the world of music, movies, and sports crowd into the arena hoping to see something they’ve never seen before. Black Presidents In The Movies More entertaining than the […]

Last night 100.3 The Beat’s very own Kendra G posed alongside Andre Iguodala of the Philadelphia 76ers in a photo shoot for “The Source” Magazine. We’re so excited for her, that we couldn’t wait to show you the photos, so take a look at the twitpics below and keep an eye out for this issue!