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In a rare occurrence, the Golden State Warriors (pretty much the golden boys of the NBA) have now been attached to some controversy.

As the Warriors improved to a 22-0 record this past Sunday with a win over the Nets, guard Andre Iguodala had some choice words after the game. When asked what it would take to beat the undefeated squad, Iggy told an ESPN reporter, “…going to the gun range and learning how to shoot. Kill us all. That’s the only way you can beat us, if you shoot us and kill us.”



Iguodala quickly smiled after and said it was a joke. But with the recent barrage of mass shootings around the world, including the incident in San Bernardino, this isn’t the best time to make jokes about innocent people being killed.

The Warriors may be undefeated, but Iguodala just took a giant L.


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