Allen Iverson

NBA legend, Allen Iverson, known just as much for his game as his hilarious disdain for “practice,” is embroiled in a bitter divorce dispute, and…

Former NBA star Allen Iverson has been in the headlines for his financial problems more than his sports talent. The latest news about Iverson’s monetary…

from: Complex Allen Iverson comes back with the Answer IV sneakers; ones he wore during his MVP season. This model is said to accommodate the modern style. For those who do not know, the Answer IV is an updated version of The Question. It features a lower cut, a zipper, and a velcro strap right […]

Passing of the crown from one Philly superstar to another, Allen Iverson & Meek Mill. #PhillyBack Y’all peep he wearing Lou Will jersey? #Swag Via @BWyche

Swizz Beats dropped his video for “Street Knock” featuring A$AP Rocky off his new mixtape, Limitless.  Driving around with a Lotus, Swizzy clearly hasn’t lost a step in the game.   Oh yeah, Reebok back, check out Allen Iverson in the video emulating his 1st Reebok Question commercial during the first verse.

According to TMZ, NBA legend Allen Iverson is trying to get his divorce with his ex wife Tawanna Iverson  because they had been sleeping together from November 2011 to February 2012. According to court papers cited by TMZ, Allen wants the court to chuck Tawanna’s divorce petition because he and Tawanna still have a chance to fix […]

from: Former beloved Philadelphia 76er’s point guard, Allen Iverson has been offered $20,000 a game to play Indoor Soccer for the Rochester Lancers of the Major Indoor Soccer League. In an attempt to fill some seats in the stands, the Rochester Lancers want Iverson to participate in their last two home games of the […]

A Georgia judge has seized control of former basketball great Allen Iverson‘s bank accounts and will begin garnishing his earnings in order to repay the hefty debt of $859,896.46 to his jeweler, according to TMZ. SEE ALSO: Madonna Makes A Comeback Iverson was sued by Aydin & Company Jewelers back in 2010, after not taking […]

Heartbroken, upset, confused are some of the words that come to mind as I reflect on how it felt when the news came years ago that Allen Iverson had been traded to the Denver Nuggets. Like many of our outstanding athletes, at some point we strip away the emotional support and start viewing the player […]

It is not looking good for the NBA. The entire preseason has been cancelled and Commissioner David Stern has threatened the loss of regular season games if a deal is not reached by Monday (Oct. 10th). A few of the league’s high profile players have already sensed the season was in jeopardy and signed on to […]

After promising his wife he would stop cheating and work on his marriage, Allen Iverson may have gotten busted cheating on Tawanna. According to MTO, Iverson was messing around with a stripper named Latarsha and apparently was blowing a lot of paper on her. Wifey found out and said oh hell no!!! Hence the divorce […]

The wife of former NBA star Allen Iverson has re-filed for divorce according to TMZ. Tawanna Iverson initially filed for divorce March 2, 2010, in Fulton County Superior Court, citing that her marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The announcement came a week after Allen Iverson announced he was leaving the Philadelphia 76ers for the rest of […]