50 Cent stopped in to ABC’s daytime talk show “The View”, to promote his new movie Twelve.

Nashville, Tennessee rapper Young Buck recently took aim at 50 Cent, revealing the Queens-rapper is still feuding with him and attempting to destroy his career.

It’s a common occurrence in music for an album to be recorded and never see the light of day.

The 50 Cent, Diddy beef is on-going but mostly in 50 Cents head.

Black Magic was to be the fifth album by 50 Cent, but the rapper may not release the looming opus.

An overzealous fan hopped on the stage and suffered the consequences during a performance featuring 50 Cent and G-Unit in Brazil on Friday (July 9th).

The Diddy and 50 Cent beef is escalating to new heights. 50 Cent started a petition against Diddy being able to use Biggies name to profit him.

Not sure what made 50 go in on Puffy recently, but it looks like 50 cent is back to his old ways.

He has never been one to bite his tongue, listen to 50 Cent share his thoughts on Diddy’s music and his new decision to work with Rick Ross!