Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com Meek Mill is suing the city of Philadelphia because of a wrongful arrest back in 2012 that caused him to lose roughly $2M in revenue.  He was set to board a private jet to Atlanta when cops stopped and arrested him after he refused to be searched.  Meek had to […]

We saw some extraordinary stories in 2012. Some from people we hate, some from people we love. Some made millions as they conquered feats that…

Mostly via twitter, Gabby Douglas responds to haters who have critized her hair during her historic journey to become the first African American gymnast to win Olympic gold in the individual all-around competition. LIKE HOT 107.9 Philly On Facebook And Stay Updated On All Of Your Favorite Celebrities “I don’t know where this is coming from.Where […]

I am a diehard Usher fan. So much so that when given the chance to interview him I think I asked 3 questions LOL. I love that he constantly re-invents himself…even if at first I don’t quite get it. This is one of those performances I didn’t quite get but I’m fine with that…everything isn’t […]

David Banner feels there’s much to be learned from some of last year’s major events, so he decided to write some resolutions for Black people in 2012. He makes three compelling points and uses sports and politics to underscore his opinion piece. Find out how the Black community can get stronger collectively in 2012 by […]

I may have to trade in my car for this next year! It makes the dashboard of your car look like a video game! Check out the video below via