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Have you ever seen your favorite athlete from the 90’s and early 2000’s and thought to yourself ‘he would crush today’s competition’? Well, those wild thoughts could come to fruition.

Former QB duo the Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli, ran their ‘Manningcast’ during the NFL’s Monday night football game between the Bengals and the Jaguars. The brothers invite entertainers, as well as various players (past and present) onto the show to provide a commentary from their vantage point of being a pro athlete or a superfan.

Chad Ochocinco came onto the broadcast this past Monday to hang with the Mannings and cheer on his former team the Cincinnati Bengals. Eli Manning asked Ochocinco would he able to come into the NFL today and produce the same amount of numbers as he did in his prime years. ‘Absolutely’ Ochocinco answered confidently.

“Have you seen the way the NFL handicapped defenses? You can’t touch the receiver, you can’t hit the receiver, I mean basically you playin’ flag football.” Ochocinco said. “So yeah I think I can come out and get about 1400 yards.”

Ochocinco also said that the NFL could spice up some things in order to shed light on past stars, who may also want an opportunity to live in their glory day.

“I think (they) should implement next year, when they have the pro bowl, they should have the ‘Pro Bowlers: the current vs. the past'”.

“I like it! Who’s your quarterback?” Peyton asked. “Brady?”

“No, you!” Ochocinco replied. Could you imagine if Peyton Manning had prime Ochocinco to throw to? He’d be a 10-time super bowl champion!

We get our imagination rolling as our RNBPhilly team curated a list of fifteen former NFL pro-bowlers who look like they could still lace ’em up today and make a tackle, or get a touchdown!

Check out our list of former NFL Pro-Bowlers who could still play today below!


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1. Chad Ochocinco

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - November 21, 2023 Source:Getty

Without question Chad Ochocinco could still play today.

“I never stopped working out, ’cause you never know when that call might come back in” Ochocinco said on the ‘Manningcast’

2. Peyton Manning

Kentucky Derby 149 Source:Getty

Although Peyton hasn’t worked out in over 7 years according to his brother Eli, we certainly don’t doubt his arm strength to throw an 80-yard bomb to any open receiver

3. Tom Brady

New England Patriots Tom Brady Source:Getty

OFFICIALLY retired (for good we hope) Tom Brady is one of those talents that could throw a touchdown pass at 60 if he wanted. Best believe there will be a team in the NFL willing to give him a shot to do if he wanted. 

4. Tedy Bruschi

ESPN The Party - Arrivals Source:Getty

Former NFL linebacker may have visibly lost some muscle, but if his muscle memory serves him correctly, he still has the moves to get in the backfield to tackle for loss yardage.

5. Jason Taylor

Virginia v Miami Source:Getty

Serving as a Defensive Line Coach Jason Taylor for Miami University, Jason Taylor still looks like he can get the job done to get to the quarterback for a sack. 

6. Fred Taylor

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Source:Getty

Fred Taylor was a monster in the backfield. Still looks like he can explode for a twenty-yard run into the end zone. Taylor currently is podcaster for one of the most popular sports podcast out there, The Pivot podcast. 

7. Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks Source:Getty

Retiring early due to injuries, Andrew Luck seemed to have a pretty promising career in the NFL. There is a few teams in the NFL who would be lucky to have his services today. 

8. Ryan Clark

Cleveland Browns OTA Source:Getty

Ryan Clark was a ballhawk on the defensive end throughout his career. Clark still looks slim and speedy enough to keep up with today’s top NFL receivers. 

9. Ray Lewis

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Source:Getty

Ray Lewis still looks like he could end a quarterbacks career with one sack.. enough said here. 

10. Randy Moss

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets Source:Getty

Don’t let the gray hairs fool you, Randy Moss was a MONSTER in his prime. He may not be able to give us three catches for three touchdowns and 163 yards like he did on Thanksgiving of 98′, but he is definitely equipped to give his opponent as speedy slant for a quick six, as we’ve seen on NFL countdown so many times before.

11. Tony Gonzalez

NFL: NOV 03 Eagles at Texans Source:Getty

Tony Gonzalez was one of the most notable tightends in the early 2000’s. His slim figure may not be able to hold back a lineback for too long, but it may allow him to slip through the defensives secondary for an easy touchdown

12. Shannon Sharpe

DJ Khaled Hosts The Inaugural We The Best Foundation Classic Source:Getty

Known today as one of the most entertaining sportscasters on TV, the young ones don’t know Sharpe was just as entertaining on the field. Seemingly looking stronger than he was while playing in the NFL, Sharpe looks as if he won’t miss a beat.

13. Calvin Johnson

New Jersey Generals v Michigan Panthers Source:Getty

The Megatron still looks slim, speedy, and able to catch a jump ball over any defensive player in the league, past or present!

14. Brian Dawkins

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIV - Day 1 Source:Getty

Brian Dawkins still looks like he can make a play on the ball or pack a punch with a tackle

15. Terrell Owens

NFL: SEP 25 Rams at Bengals Source:Getty

Another Wide Reciever who hasn’t stopped working out, T-O has been in-shape since he was last seen in the NFL. Owens is easily capable of getting a call from an NFL team today, and giving them 10 catches for 100+ yards in his debut.