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September 26th, 2023 is celebrated as National Pancake Day. Serving as the premier carbohydrate from breakfast time, pancakes have been said to be around since 600 B.C..

Online Casinos conducted a nationwide survey for national pancake day, understanding each states favorite pancake toppings.

According to, Butter was the favorite pancake topping for Americans this pancake day, which 27 states agreed on. Strawberries In second place we have, with 7 states opting for this fruit pancake topping. Chocolate chips came in third place being voted by New Hampshire, North Dakota, Arizona and two other states as the best pancake topping.

Some states were unable to choose just one topping, as South Carolina had a three different choices, with chocolate chips, pecans/nuts and whipped cream battling for pancake supremacy. Comparably, in the state of Utah, residents found themselves in a delicious dilemma as they opted for 3 different options – chocolate chips, peanut butter and fruit.

But not everything is tradition. Some states tastes buds  are unorthodox, as Kansas, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Wyoming decided to take flip tradition on its head. These states didn’t choose to follow the crowd, as they opted to top their pancakes with; peanut butter, chocolate syrup and bacon respectively.

Check the Top Ten Pancake toppings across America below!


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1. Bacon

Full frame image of fresh stack of fluffy, American-style pancakes, grilled bacon rashers and blueberries drizzled with dripping maple syrup on plate, elevated view Source:Getty

2. Blueberries

Pancakes with fresh blueberries and honey at white table. Source:Getty

3. Strawberries

Pancakes with honey and berries and cup of tea Source:Getty

4. Peanut Butter

Plate of oatmeal and banana pancakes with raspberries and peanut butter served on a wooden table with decorative plants. Vegan dish, healthy and delicious. Source:Getty

5. Banana’s

Plantain buttermilk pancakes. Soft and fluffy buttermilk pancake made with a batter added with slices of ripe plantain Source:Getty

6. Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chip Pancake Close-up Source:Getty

7. Dried Nuts

Homemade american pancakes with dried nuts and syrup Source:Getty

8. Whipped Cream

A man spraying whipped cream on pancakes while enjoying cooking with his girlfriend Source:Getty

9. Syrup

pancake breakfast Source:Getty

10. Butter

Homemade delicious pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Source:Getty