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1. Danielle Paige Jeter | “Women In Media (WIM)”

Danielle Paige Jeter Source:n/a

“Creative, visionary, and inspiring” are just a few words used to describe Ms. Danielle P. Jeter. Jeter is a graduate of Spelman College. After honing her skills through a variety of experiences serving as Director of Marketing with several Atlanta-based companies, Jeter decided to take her unique combination of communication skills, leadership, and performing arts to launch her own businesses including Women In Media, AOI Events & PR, and the Progressive Impact Coalition! As an acclaimed, award-winning, sought after social innovator, business and civic leader, Jeter builds national brands with her strategic approach and creative solutions. Women In Media was created to empower, equip, and encourage women & girls to own their voices.

2. Dante Holley | “Chief of Operations of HW4L Recordings”

Dante Holley Source:n/a

Forming HW4L Records, he has worked with acts like The Cool Kids, Taylor Bennett and more. Dante gained nationwide recognition after he named Kanye West’s latest album “The Life Of Pablo” via Twitter putting his image across MTV, Cosmopolitan, and Yahoo. Since then Dante has organized the ‘Peace Day 5k’ charity race to highlight violence in inner cities as well as collect over a thousand pair of shoes for people in poverty. Dante is also an active member of the NAACP, event organizer, head of “God’s Gift” non-profit, and content creator of Hip Hop Maven Magazine and Chief of Operations & Creative Director of Wise Guy USA in 2017.

3. David Silver | “Co-Founder of REC Philly”

David Silver Source:n/a

The founder of REC Philly, a company that provides resources to up-and-coming musicians, bands and other entertainers. REC Philly helps members record, get booked for live shows, network and receive industry services.The organization, which Forbes magazine called “a WeWork for musicians,” operates a 400-person music venue in West Philly called William Street Common and serves as a creative facility in North Philly. Silver, a Temple graduate, has also co-organized Amplify Philly at South By Southwest for three years, booking music acts for a presentation that draws attention to Philadelphia’s music and startup communities.

4. Veli | “Artist Management”

Veli Source:n/a

Working in the entertainment industry came to the 25 year old by accident. While searching and preparing for life after college, he began to take the lead as a Business Manager for his best friend who was an upcoming artist. That was the spring of 2013… and the rest was history. Veli sees himself becoming one of the biggest independent concert companies on the east coast, competing consistently for the bigger acts in the world. As well as tour managing for my artist, and other major artists around the world, most of the year.

5. Bintu Kabba | “CEO of Global Youth Consulting”

Bintu Source:n/a

A Howard University graduate and CEO of Global Youth Consulting. She is well known in the community for her contributions to urban development and youth programming. She was the producer and host of Millennial public access talk-show, The Buzzklub, which which ran from 2011-2015 and the Itunes podcast called Sex Moon And Stars which featured unique individuals whom joined Bintu in candid conversations centered on life. In addition to her day to day, she travelled to Accra, Ghana on volunteer missions teaching leadership workshops to support local African schools and promote poverty eradication, child rights, and education.

6. Dominique Miller | “Political Director at Democratic Campaign Committee”

Dominique Miller Source:n/a

The Finance Director for Larry Krasner’s campaign for Philadelphia District Attorney, Dominque has worked in various levels of government over the past 6 years. She has interned and volunteered for Jared Solomon’s successful State House race to unseat a 30-year incumbent. Miller then went to work for the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee in the role of Political Director, helping with various facets of operating the caucus. In 2015, Dominique received her Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.

7. Ebony-Lavone | “Media Mogul”

Ebony Lavone Source:n/a

A multi- media guru, specializing in music, entertainment, and more. Combining a mixture of all spectrums of building a brand, Ebony-Lavone has been able to optimize her talents as a host of the Philly Hip Hop Awards at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, interviewing and working with artists such as Estelle, Gillie Da Kid, Free Way, Sheila E, Eric Roberson. As a videographer, she has shot and edited for Reebok Classics, Jazmine Sullivan’s production team, Coors Light and the list continues.

8. Tre Cia Gibson | “Rebel Ventures”

Tre Cia Gibson Source:n/a

At the young age of 18 years old, Tre’ Cia Gibson is a senior at Parkway West HS and the co-Executive Director of Rebel Ventures, a nonprofit food business run by high school students that creates healthy deliciousness for kids in Philly. Tre’Cia has grown up in poverty and has not afforded many opportunities that come easy, so when opportunities are found, Tre’Cia works hard to take advantage of them.

9. Damon Allen Jr. | “Boxer”

Damon Allen Jr. Source:n/a

An undefeated Professional Light Weight Boxer signed with the famed Golden Boy Promotions. He is a Philadelphia native and fights out of the historic Allen Gym in West Philadelphia. Damon is a rising star in the boxing world and fans are keeping an eye on him.

10. Sarah-Ashley Andrews | “CEO Dare 2 Hope”

Sarah-Ashley Andrews Source:n/a

She attended Bloomsburg University where she studied Mass Communications and later enrolled in Lancaster Bible College graduating with a BA in Biblical Studies with a minor in Human Services. In 2012, Sarah received news that her longtime friend committed suicide. In 2013, after much prayer Sarah founded Dare 2 Hope, a Non-Profit dedicated to conquering suicide in youth and young adults. Dare 2 Hope has partnered with celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and Jasmine Sullivan.

11. Calvin Gilbert | “Founder of “Next Up Academy”

Calvin Gilbert Source:n/a

As a youth basketball coach, Calvin Gilbert been training since young athletes since 2012 and founded “Next Up Academy” in the same year. In the program Coach Gilbert has trained players at every level from beginners to division 1 , 2 & 3 athletes.Coach Gilbert is a proud member of the Team Final Philadelphia and The AAU Powerhouse since 2011. During his career, Coach Gilbert has had the honor of coaching: the highest level of AAU players, The Nike Circuit, Archbishop John Carroll High School, JV head coach since 2013 & varsity assistant coached and trained the first Pro “Derrick Jones Phoenix Suns” as well as every level player from junior college to division 1 athletes.

12. Christian Crosby | “Founder + CEO of Live Life Nice”

Christian Crosby Source:n/a

A Philadelphia native, always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, an entertainer and a philanthropist. He attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia as a film major, and set off to pursue his passions.
As a natural-born entertainer, Christian quickly landed himself a position with the 76ers. He spent ten years with the team starting as a young trampoline dunker and then as an in-arena host. His effervescent personality also led him to host the NBA All-Star Weekend and act as a stage manager at the MTV Video Music Awards.

13. Michael Pittman | “Youth Builder, Co-Organizer for @ Art For Kids”

Michael Pittman Source:n/a

While attending Hampton University, his appreciation for art grew through his engagement with nature, learning more about culture and its impact on society and through his social networks on campus. Art(is) For Kids, is a rising non-profit organization which is intended to build the youth and community. Through art infused educational workshops and community events, the arts will remain a vital part to youth development.

14. Felicia Harris | “President of the Influencing Action Movement”

Felicia Harris Source:n/a

A 2008 Graduate of Howard University, with a BBA in Marketing, Felicia has worked with various businesses and nonprofit organizations to strengthen their impact across the region through organizational development, brand strategy, fundraising and marketing. She is the principal of HiTouch Enterprises, a full service Strategic Communications and Development Firm. In addition, Felicia works daily to encourage families, students and other leaders to use their voices to advocate for quality education, reduce violence and hold government agencies and businesses accountable to bring women to full equality and provide equal access to jobs and resources for minorities.

15. Bri Steves | “Rapper”

Bri Steves Source:n/a

Philadelphia born Emcee, Singer and Songwriter, Bri Steves was an only child to a single mother. In parallel to her customized hashtag #PrettyGirlWorkHard, Bri found inspiration through her mother on the importance of working hard and being focused to achieve one’s goals. Bri would make a statement online with her remix of Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” and the Philly Scene with the DJ Jazzy Jeff cosigned “Summer’s Mine” a girl’s anthem.

16. Dariel Harris | “UBIQ – Social Media and Marketing Manager”

Dariel Harris Source:n/a

has led marketing campaigns for companies such as Wal-Mart, Puma, and many more. He has a long-standing interest in the cultural development and growth of brands. Currently, Dariel is the Social Media Manager and Marketing Lead at UBIQ, a boutique sneaker store in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. He spends his days developing photo shoots, media roll outs, press releases, store pop ups, and in-store events. Most of Dariel’s work is behind the scenes with UBIQ, but he also curates a traveling rooftop event series across the United States and Canada.

17. Antoinette Minor | “Young professionals consultant”

Antoinette Minor Source:n/a

She began climbing the corporate ladder at a bank when she recognized that at the age of 18, there was a large skill gap between her and many of her more seasoned counterparts. An example includes, not understanding the importance of wearing the proper work outfits in a professional environment – this experience became the foundation of Antoinette’s successful consulting firm, “The Young Professional Guide,” and one day it clicked – Dress for the job you want and not the job you have. It was that very moment when things began to change for her. That’s when she started chasing success within her career.

18. Brianna DeMayo | “Music Manager”

Brianna DeMayo Source:n/a

With a decade of artist development and marketing experience, Brianna DeMayo has coached, represented and booked hundreds of artists and aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the globe and is deemed as one of the “Top 5 People All Aspiring Hip-Hop Artists Should Follow Immediately”. Her blog, Taste Creators, has been recognized as one of the “Top 100 Hip-Hop Blogs” and her music showcase. Her company, Exclusive Public, has worked with a wide range of clients including George Clinton’s (Parliament Funkadelic), Kandy Apple Redd; Grammy award winning producer, Chase N. Cashe and Beyonce.

19. Aliya Mungin | Founder of “I FEED PHILLY”

Aliya Mungin Source:n/a

is the Founder of “I Feed Philly” an organization catered to ensuring the less fortunate are assisted with food and other needs to make it day by day. Aliya started “I FEED PHILLY”, when she would go to work each day down town in Center City on those cold mornings she would feel terrible walking pass those who were sleeping on the ground and on top of manholes trying to keep warm, that was the point where she had to make a difference. In the next 5 years, Aliya sees herself running her own shelter and recovery home for homeless teen girls, and having a full running food truck designated for the homeless that still live on the streets and the food truck workers will be the teens that live in the shelter.

20. Danni Peace | “Campus Minister”

Danni Peace Source:n/a

Through song, speaking and writing, Danni Peace extends an invitation to experience peace. Through music, Danni creates lyrical literature that prompts listeners to think through life, love, loss and the Lord. Her musical inspiration ranges from Cece Winans to Kari Jobe, Israel Houghton and more.Her single Fingerprint was nominated for a Homey Award from a local Philadelphia company within the Best R&B song category, she recently had the honor of performing Fingerprint on ABC27’s Good Day PA, she performed God Bless America for the Philadelphia Phillies Game and recently made her national tv debut by appearing on Good Morning America to promote American Idol.

21. Melissa Alam | “Founder of Fearless conference”

Melissa Alam Source:n/a

An entrepreneur, freelance digital marketing strategist, and photographer based out of Philadelphia. She works with creative entrepreneurs and bold brands to create, develop, and execute strategies that increase sales, gain more exposure and inspire movements. Melissa is also the Founder & CEO of Femme & Fortune, a digital platform and community for multicultural and ambitious women. A self-proclaimed #ideaholic, Melissa is best known for creating the first all-female co-working space in Philadelphia called The Hive, as well as her yearly conference for women called FearlessCon.

22. SimDiva | “Owner of Pink Ice Cafe & The Shoe Bar”

SimDiva Source:n/a

Desimber (December), better known as SimDiva is a two time entrepreneur just at the age of 23.Desimber has a burning passion for motivating and empowering others. Her self-entitled brand, exemplifies and displays every aspect of her personal journey highs, lows, failures and success stories. In 2015, the first business venture was born, Pink Ice Cafe, located in West Philadelphia. Pink Ice Cafe is the perfect place where creativity meets desserts. Customers with those indescribable taste buds can express their cravings through their choice of dessert and unlimited toppings.

23. Malcom Kenyatta | “Senior Coordinator for The Chamber of Commerce for the Greater Philadelphia”

Malcom Kenyatta Source:n/a

A community advocate seeking to change outcomes in the neighborhood in which he was born and raised. He serves on many local nonprofit and political organizations including as Co-Chair Liberty City Democratic Club, Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, and was appointed President of the Philadelphia Chapter of National Organization for Women’s Education Fund.

24. Zakiyyah Smack | “Kicks USA Marketing Coordinator”

Zakiyyah Source:n/a

The Creator of the brand Distorted Freedom 1964- A brand focused on promoting social change through creative design. The Mission of Distorted Freedom1964 is to Embrace the Past & Impact the Present. Starting in her mother’s dining room, Zakkiya Currently has two store accounts carrying the brand. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur she currently contributing Brand Marketer for a top City Specialty Sneaker Retailer and she Recently started a creative direction agency called Fresh Zucchini responsible for “Hottest in the City” short film. Continuously striving to be the best me and a reflection who I want to see in our youth.

25. Mont Brown | “President of the Kickback Foundation”

Mont Brown Source:n/a

Outstanding influence and tireless efforts to impact the community of South West Philadelphia is the best way to describe Mont Brown a top music artist manager. He has devoted his life to providing personalized attention and mentoring to youth in the inner-city communities through music, art, and creative expression.
Mont’s primary goal is to have no violence within his (South West) community and he has achieved that with his “Stop the Violence Kickback” three years in a row, with his annual KickBack Festival. In 2015 Mont was given the title of The South West Ambassador by Senator Anthony Williams. He was also named one of BME’s (Black Male Engagement) Community leaders of 2015, served as the Youth Ambassadors for the Justice For the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington DC.

26. Tiffany Gillespie | “Event Coordination Expert”

Tiffany G Source:n/a

an event coordination expert, small business development strategist and four-time author. She is the lead designer and founder of To the ‘T’ Events and The Purpose Seekers Academy. She is a recipient of the Small Business Influencer Award, A two time recipient of a Citation from the City of Philadelphia for entrepreneurship, civic responsibility & social justice; a recipient of a citation from the State of Pennsylvania for civic responsibility and social justice, a Drexel University Professor, a national Event Manager for Black Bride Magazine, a Co-Director for Mothers in Charge’s 1000 Women for 1000 Girls Mentoring Program and many more.

27. Kelli Jenay | “A Taste of Philly Blogger”

Kelli Jenay Source:n/a

Kelli, first fell in love with radio after hosting and producing a radio show called “Food For Thought” at IUP University. Soon, she understood what she wanted to do. She wanted to produce and also encourage others to follow their dreams. Thus, A Taste of Philly was born. She wants people to have A Taste of Philly to lean on when they feel like quitting. Kelli long term goal is to create a successful mentoring program, where she can show our youth the way. To let them know that they can do anything they put their mind, body and soul to.

28. Rashaun Williams | “DJ and Community Activist”

Rashaun Williams Source:n/a

Rashaun’s start in social entrepreneurship began in the 11th grade when he cofounded Phresh Philly, a diverse cohort of teens and millennials working to advance the environment, foster social enterprise, and develop communities. Through this commitment to service, Rashaun received a Black Male Engagement Award from the Knight Foundation in 2013. By age 19, he began organizing for multiple organizations including Impact HUB and, aiding in participant pipelining and recruiting, and building local partnerships to increase community engagement and leadership opportunities.

29. Kadijah Cunningham | “Minster”

Minister Kadijah Cunningham Source:n/a

A full-time college student at Rowan University and will graduate in the spring of 2018 with a degree in Communications. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority and believes in giving back and helping in the community. Min. Kadijah Cunningham accepted her calling to spread the gospel in 2015 and received her license to spread God’s word as an ordained minister in 2017 under Bishop Peterson at Greater Bible Way Church in Philadelphia. She is engaged to Minister Matthew Hicks-Wicker and set to be married May, 2018 and together they have founded MHK Ministries standing for “Making His Kingdom” Ministry in 2015. You can find several topics spreading the Gospel and teachings on YouTube, Social Media, & Facebook.

30. Jahlil Beats | “Producer”

jahlil beats Source:IG

In 2011, Jahlil Beats produced Meek Mill’s breakout hit “Ima Boss”. His production for that song, would later be named the tenth-best instrumental between 2008-2013 by Complex. Later that year following a six-label bidding war, on October 16 he signed a publishing deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, who also manages Meek Mill. In the following months he collaborated on songs artists such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Rihanna, J. Cole, Busta Rhymes, Meek Mill, Nelly, Big Sean, T.I., Jim Jones, Bow Wow, Willow Smith, and French Montana for their respective forthcoming albums.

31. Chantale Belefanti

Chantale Belefanti Source:na

Chantale Belefanti was born and raised in Camden, NJ. She is a single mother to a 4-year-old son, Jaivyn Callender, a graduate student at Drexel University majoring in Communications, Founder and CEO of Eve Lawrence Boutique, an Administrative Assistant at The North Broad Renaissance, a member of Philadelphia Black Journalist Association (PABJ) and a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.