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The world’s most toxic relationship retakes the center stage. Struggle rapper Blueface claims he no longer wants the seed Chrisean Rock is carrying.

Offbeat expert, Blueface, is accusing Chrisean Rock of “trapping” him with her pregnancy and says she can still get an abortion.

The “Thotiana” crafter said as much in a series of tweets he should not have hit send on Tuesday, May 90, adding another unnecessary chapter in the toxic mess that is his relationship with the former collegiate athlete turned reality star and aspiring rapper.

“Who ever the judge is on my child support case I told this hoe I don’t want the baby she still got time for an abortion an she forcing it on me so you better make the price right on cryp she tryna trap me judge look out for a cryp on sY,” he wrote in a tweet.

Blueface is also ready for a battle for child support, claiming Rock will “manipulate” the judge into siding with her.

“I pay all my taxes judge ima good n-gga I got 2 kids no child support ever filed cuz I take care of a my kids but this victim playing hoe gone manipulate you judge she got me bro don’t let her get you she still got time to end all of this on cryp.”

In response, Chrisean Rock revealed she is 20 weeks pregnant, plans on still being a mommy despite this pregnancy not going smoothly, and will move on with or without Blueface.

“Sheesh I’m 20 weeks already but When I seen the face of what was growing inside of me I had to pray the fear away of being a mommy,” Rock said.

Twitter Reacts By Flaming Blueface & More

As expected, Twitter is flaming Blueface for his ridiculous tweets, where he is also accusing Rock of trying to burn the house down.

Blueface sitting up on this internet countlessly telling chrisean to kill her baby, idc how any of you birds see it? it’s disgusting. talking bout “who’s watching the baby, MEEEE?” but you can fuck and nut in her. stop. fucking gross bro,” one person said in a tweet. 

What a mess.

We hope these two split and give each other time to heal and also come together to raise their child.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty

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