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Last week on Black Ink Crew: New York, Walt got a huge surprise when the Ceaser and the crew showed up in Hawaii. While he was happy to see his friends, Walt is still worried things could get messy because he also invited Richard and Kitty to attend the wedding.

Last night’s episode picks up with the crew exploring the mansion Ceaser *coughs* VH1 paid for, and it’s lovely.

Walt is hugely thankful for everything Ceaser has done for him and Jess, but he just can’t shake the feeling that everything can go left when Richard and Kitty show up. Jess, like the great woman she is, reassures him that things will work out, but Walt knows his friends and is not too sure about that.

Meanwhile, in the jacuzzi, Alex reveals to Quani that he is planning on proposing to Donna, and he has already bought the ring. Quani offers to help Alex pop the question.

Later on that night, Walter calls Rich to break the news that Ceaser and the crew are there. Rich doesn’t let the developments bother him and says he still plans on seeing Walt before the wedding. But with the beef with Ceaser still sizzling, Rich isn’t so sure about hanging out with Walt and everyone before the big day.

We also find out that Puma dumped the kids on grandma and hopped on a flight to Hawaii. After complaining that Puma doesn’t bring her on any of the crew’s trips, Quani is ecstatic to see her husband *rolls eyes*.

The mood of the trip will quickly change. While everyone is lounging at the pool, Ceaser decides it would be a good time to announce all of the activities they will partake in before Jess and Walt jump the broom. He also reveals that he will be planning the bachelor party. Jess quickly interjects and tells Ceaser no strippers, but you know there is definitely going to be exotic dancers present.

While he is speaking, Richard arrives much to the dismay of Ceaser. The Black Ink head honcho is disgusted and storms off to his room to sulk. His cousin Teddy decides to call out Walter for inviting Richard over to a house Ceaser “paid for” and that Walt should have known better considering what happened at Bae’s wedding weekend. Walt stands his ground and accurately points out he had no idea they were coming when he invited Richard.

Meanwhile, Puma is doing his best to calm down Ceaser, who is BIG MAD, that Richard is in Hawaii. Ceaser points out all of the foul things that Richard has done to him and, most specifically, the photos he took with his ex, Dutchess, that he shared on Instagram. Puma says Ceaser should still be open to talking to Richard, and the trip to Hawaii is the perfect opportunity to bury the hatchet.

Back outside, things seem to have calmed down between Walt, Richard, and Teddy. They even tell him about the dilemma with the shop possibly being shut down. They all agree that won’t be the case.

The following day its time to go have some fun in Hawaii by partaking in some local activities. Donna, Tati, Jess, Bae, and Quani head to the beach for some surfing lessons.

After their lessons, Tati’s legendary hating ways show up. She reveals that Walt slid in her DMs months ago and said he heard she was great in bed. Walt wanted to see if the legend was indeed true. Tati says she turned him down because of her respect for Jess. When she asks if she should say something to Jess? Donna and Bae immediately tell her no because it’s too late. After all, Walt and Jess are about to get married.

The fellas are also embarking on their own adventure. Ceaser warned the fellas, including Richard, not to wear any nice clothes because they are heading to the jungle for some male bonding. Walt apparently doesn’t get the message because he shows up wearing white pants. Anyway, when they arrive at the location, they spot a Hawaiian local who will be teaching them a traditional Hawaiin warrior dance called the Ka Mate that they will perform at Walt’s wedding.

The fellas have a great time, even Richard and Ceaser actually coexist for the moment. This is a promising sign for Walt and everyone else.

Following their stop in the jungle, Ceaser takes Walt to mee with Keone Nunes, a legendary traditional Hawaiian tattoo artist. As a gift to Walt, Ceaser sets up a tattoo session with Nunes. It’s a spiritually uplifting moment for both Walt and Ceaser.

Back at the mansion, Donna and Tati are in the pool alone. You know that only spells trouble. Despite Donna telling Tati that they can only be friends, the two “friends” share a kiss. Donna again warns Jess not to mention to Jess about Walt sliding in her DMs. It’s honestly amazing that Jess is so concerned about Walt and his “transgressions,” but she is trying to sleep with someone else’s girlfriend. Anyway, the two continue flirting even though they shouldn’t be and end up in the bed together.

Finally, its time for Walt and Jess’ bachelor and bachelorette party.

Of course, there are strippers there, and Cease and the gang are making it rain with the money he should be saving up for that rent. Hating ass, Tati looks real salty when she sees Donna, Alex, Jess, and Walt enjoying themselves. She once again contemplates opening her big mouth even though everyone told her not too but decides she will chill for the night.

The celebratory mood changes when Richard shows up. Everyone tries to get Rich and Ceaser to talk about their problems, but Cease is not having it and storms off. Meanwhile, Kitty and her friend pulls up to the party, and the episode ends on that cliffhanger.

Black Ink Crew viewers let Ceaser, Teddy, and especially Tati have it for being the hater they are. You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

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