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Gucci had a lot to talk about this morning, including what life was like for him in jail. Check out this interview with Gucci!

Hmmm…is the diva pregnant or just trying to get pregnant? Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself!

T.I. will sit down with CNN’s Larry King for his first television interview since completing a 366-day prison stint on federal weapons charges in March.

OMG! Can you believe that Usher's New Girlfriend use to be friends with his ex-wife Tameka!! YES! Check out the flicks for yourself!!!

Bow Wow allegedly tries to private message a girl and accidentally puts his business out on his Twitter page! It was deleted in seconds, but the post read:

Jay-Z and Beyonce are the hot topic in the little rural town of Schuylkill County, PA. Rumors are speculating that the Grammy award-winning duo are planning to buy a multi-million dollar mansion in eastern Pennsylvania.

As the family, friends and fans of Guru mourn him after he passed away from cancer yesterday, a letter is causing a whole lot of controversy. The words that were supposedly written by Guru on his deathbed were released by Solar--a producer and friend who's been close to Guru for years. In this letter, Guru essentially grants custody of his "sun" KC to Solar and referred to DJ Premier (the other half of Gang Starr) as "my ex-DJ."

Check out Chris Brown’s NEW GIRLFRIEND!!!

Check out Chris Brown’s NEW GIRLFRIEND!!!

I was having a discussion with a friend about Tyler Perry recently and they lamented that while they have respect for his achievements, it bothers them that he had to wear a dress to be a success. He went further to say that for Black actors, and specifically Black comedians, it is almost a requirement […]