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While the world was glued to LeBron James stroking his own ego on ESPN last night, another egomaniac took a bit of a blow to his own ego.

It’s funny how money change a situation. In a letter that seemed inspired by The Color Purple the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers was not happy about LeBron’s decision to leave the club after 7 years.

A classic RUN DMC record  said they all want to be down with the king, but tonight only one team in the NBA will have that honor.

Kevin Liles, former Executive VP of Warner Music Group and Trey Songz's current manager, will be walking down the aisle this weekend in Birmingham, Alabama.

t was rumored back in January that engaged couple Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were house hunting with Lenny Kravitz's famously fabulous Soho loft at the top of their list.

According to The Brooklyn Eagle newspaper, Rockness Monsta or Rock from Helta Skeltah is currently on trial for attempted murder.

Find out why ABC's "Good Morning America" just said no to Drake. How dare they!

The Diddy and 50 Cent beef is escalating to new heights. 50 Cent started a petition against Diddy being able to use Biggies name to profit him.

Mary J. Blige made headlines over the weekend with her announcement that she had received an honorary NYC high school diploma and was to attend Howard University in the fall, making her a member of the class of 2014.

Leicester Bryce Stovell is claiming that Lebron and his mom Gloria altered DNA tests to prove he wasn't the father of Lebron! He's suing them for millions...

Wedding bells in prison cells – that’s what’s in store for O.J. Simpson. He’s planning on marrying his pen pal that he has yet to meet in person. Details inside...

Even though LeBron James going to Chicago with Carlos Boozer would make them the most formidable team in the Eastern Conference, if not the league, I don’t see it happening. As T.I. pointed out, there is that nagging Michael Jordan legacy that I think will keep him out of a Bulls uniform. And if Chris […]