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A few days ago, we posted a translated Beyonce interview from the German magazine Neon. We did our due diligence of verifying the actual magazine and its credibility. The magazine has been around for years and has interviewed previously with many A-list American celebs and has one of the largest readerships of its kind. It is definitely an official staple in European entertainment journalism. We have also posted previous interviews from this mag, and we made sure the Editor himself had signed off on the Beyonce interview.

After many people came to us about how unusual the interview sounded and pointed out how a few of the facts included about Beyonce didn’t match up, we decided to remove it. Today, the magazine issued a retraction of the interview as well as an apology. As they admit they indeed ran the interview in the form everyone saw (and it was indeed translated correctly to English), they claim that they faulted in verifying the freelance writer’s info. The writer would not verify where he got his information and facts (i.e. the marriage contract with Jay-Z and her feelings about white producers), so the magazine now believes the writer made the interview up. The magazine fired the writer and has also issued a formal apology to Beyonce Knowles and to other publications. We received their apology via Beyonce’s reps at Sony Music: