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Paranormal Activity 2 is set to hit theaters at 12am, but early reviews have hit the net and we’ve chosen clips from the best and worst of them! We’ve added the spoiler here too(at the end) don’t scroll down if you don’t want the end of the movie to be ruined for you!

Paranormal Activity 1 was pretty scary, if howling noises and inexplicable occurrences intrigue you (I didn’t sleep for three days).


There was no actual ghost figures, except powder footsteps left on hardwood. The movie ends on a cliff hanger and leaves us fully “open” and interested in what happened to the main character after she throws her hero-boyfriend into the camera. Some folks have been lucky enough to see the 2nd thriller and here is how they feel about it:

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“With memories of The Blair Witch 2: The Book of Shadows and oh so many bad horror sequels, it is hard not to be a little bit jaded. Yet once the film starts, it is clear that they are not planning on going to some odd place. Much like the first, it is a simple set-up that will draw you in thanks to some strong performances from the family involved. PA2 is an absolute success that is smarter and scarier than the original.”

“Soon after we’ve established the home layout and family relationships of this new family, Katie shows up, and we immediately remember how, um, unwell she looked the last time we saw her. … For the first time, we realize that ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ is a prequel, and that at this point in time (still 2006, the same year that Katie and Micah were terrorized), none of the things we saw in ‘Paranormal Activity’ have happened. … Not to ruin anything (closest thing to a true SPOILER, coming up), but at one point in the story, the action shifts to a post-‘Paranormal Activity’ timeframe, and that is something you do not want to miss if you loved the first movie.

-Ain’t It Cool News

“Penned by Michael R. Perry, ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ stays true to the first film’s mythology created by [Oren] Peli. The demon’s arrival and actions are consistent with the first, which may or may not hinder your ‘shock’ experience. Those familiar with ‘PA’ will feel almost at home waiting for creeks, booms and giant pops. … The biggest disappointment for me was that it wasn’t a superior film. I expected things to escalate to a higher degree, like any sequel would, but I can’t help but commend the production team for doing only what was necessary to make the sequel work. ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ literally is the sexy twin sister of ‘Paranormal Activity’; they look slightly different, have a few variant birthmarks, and carry their own personalities — but neither one is better than the other. In fact, they’re tonally so similar that when the film ended I joked about republishing my initial review for the sequel.”

Bloody Disgusting

“It goes without saying that ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ won’t win over any new fans. If the first film didn’t do anything for you, neither will this one. But if you felt the effects last time, if you hesitated before turning off the light or felt nervous in a room by yourself, prepare to feel the same again. This is a rare sequel that complements and enhances the original without betraying the elements that made it work in the first place, and watched back-to-back, it’s the perfect one-two punch of creepy excellence. Every creak and groan in your house becomes suspect, and going to sleep is that much harder. Believe it, folks; lightning can indeed strike twice, and this flick will hit you with frightening force.”

– Dread Central

The Trailer:


“Now we know that this movie is basically a prequel to the first Paranormal Activity, at the end it shows how the sister passed the demon onto Katie which caused the events in Paranormal Activity. Now after she passed it on, Katie goes onto kill her husband, then she waits like a full day or so in her room upstairs until the cops find her. Well in the 2nd PA she is at her sisters house covered in blood, then she kills her Sister’s husband, then her sister, then takes the baby. This is where I’m lost, it says her and the baby haven’t been seen since.

So did the cops really not arrest her? Did she kill them then return to her house and sit until the cops came? but it says her and the baby hasn’t been seen??? So I’m still confused with where they went with the story here, it kind of messed the ending up a little bit. Did anyone else notice this? If so I would really appreciate some insight on it, because I’m still confused, hope I didn’t confuse you with my explanation and thanks to whoever can provide the answers.”

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