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Before a baby, what Beyoncé really wants is some R & R (rest & relaxation).

“I definitely want to have a child, but I know from my nephew it’s a lot,” Knowles tells Allure magazine for its February issue of starting a family with husband Jay-Z. “I hope that those things will just happen naturally. I still haven’t had time to relax.”

Who can relax when you’re popping out hit songs and maintaining a voluptuous figure?

“I always say, ‘I don’t want to lose my curves.’ I like firm curves,” Knowles, 28, says. “You can never do enough squats, you can never do enough sit-ups. I like for women to look feminine.”

Feminine? How about Bootylicious? The singer/actress can’t seem to shake the word coined in the Destiny’s Child song of the same name. It’s even been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

“I still can’t believe it! It’s hilarious,” Knowles says. “I actually wish it was another word that I created. I wish it didn’t have ‘booty’ in it.”

Beyoncé was low-key behind the scenes at the Allure photo shoot. The moment her husband Jay Z’s 2001 album The Blueprint started, the singer laughed and said, “Oh, you can’t play this—you’re going to make me blush.” And then she danced to the entire album.


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