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[WATCH] Anthony Anderson Talks Tissues, TV, BBQ and More!

Anthony Anderson Charmin Ad

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Anthony Anderson has been in the entertainment industry for nearly three decades. from television to film, Anderson has over 100 credits according to TV Guide.

In addition to all the accolades and credits that Anderson has received, Anderson is still finding a way to check things off of his accomplishments list in his near 30-year career.  Anderson co-hosted a show with his Mother, Trippin with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris, for the first time in his career. The two went on a six week vacation to Europe, documented the entire trip, and made a television series out of the excursion.

“It’s great just letting my mother shine, and letting her experience that dream that she had, and that was the catalyst for doing Trippin'” Anderson said. “One, to celebrate my mother, and to honor her in that type of way — and then to document it, building those memories together.” Trippin with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris is available on Peacock.

Anderson also spoke on another TV series, Kings of BBQ, he has with good friend, Cedric the Entertainer.

“It was just only natural that we entered into the BBQ space” Anderson said. “Ced is from St. Louis, I’m from L.A. but my dad is from Little Rock, Arkansas — so we come from that world.” You can catch Kings of BBQ available for free, stream it here on A&E

Anderson has also has partnered with Charmin on their newest product. Charmin is one of the premiere brands when it comes to cleanliness, especially where it matters the most. After nearly 100 years, Charmin has changed their toilet paper from the traditional square sheet, to a now ‘sqaure-ish’ sheet, making the product sheets easy to seperate from each other.

Anderson also had time to answer a BBQ questionnaire and what is his favorite thing to do whenever he is in Philly!

Watch the full interview below!


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