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Erica Campbell x Mina

Source: Deion Allen / Radio One

Erica Campbell from Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell stopped by the station to spread love to Mina SayWhat and the crew!

Campbell spoke on her third studio album ‘I Love You’ and how her project was intended to revitalize the real meaning of the word love.

“Love needs better PR youb know? They attribute love to, you know, the housewife shows they attribute love to everything that is not love. Love is true, honest, pure, love is God.” Campbell explained. “So I wanted to do a record that would really talk about love over and over again. So we can reconsider love and then fall in love with love and fall in love with God and realize that he is our strength and he is our source, right?”

She also talked about her roots picnic performance with CoCo Jones. “I think it’s always cool to collab with other people and Adam Blackstone and who’s actually from, from Philly, he’s amazing at the collabs and opening doors and he was actually, one of our first MCs, touring.” Campbell said, giving her flowers to Adam Blackstone. “She said that she said in moments where she was in her darkest, that’s all she could hang on to just knowing that there’s a higher power of God that guides her.” Campbell expressed about CoCo Jones

Watch the full interview below!